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Graphics and Design
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To sum up, 777 Heist is another amazing slot machine game with a huge scope of the winning possibilities and has taken a different approach. This game offers some great surprises represented with the free spin bonuses and other awesome features, which makes it interesting for any type of player. Nice looks and artistic appearance should definitely be mentioned as well!
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777 Heist Discover Mona Lisa
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777 Heist is another exciting slot game with 5 different reels has a huge scope for exciting wins! It is ideal for players who like to control their own destiny. Simple user interface and nice graphics make sure that every player feels comfortable to play this game.

How to play 777 Heist

In order to play the 777 Heist slot game, you just need to open the game and simply press the button with a circled arrow around it, which is placed on the right side of the screen. You have a possibility to increase and decrease the coin value according to the game and fill your balance in case of a successful spin – this is also placed on the right side. Other than that, there is also an Autoplay option available and, also, the game offers some great features.

How to win 777 Heist

777 Heist has 5 reels and a huge scope for the exciting wins, which gives every player a really high chance for success. Also, the RTP (return-to-player) in this game is 95.37%. In order to win, you simply need to match the same symbols in different reels. 

Like in every such game, there are some different combinations to get to the winning category of this game. This can be a very good path to set the strategy of playing. You can see the illustrated set of the pay-out options if you click the ‘Pay Table’ button on the left side of the screen.

Free spins and bonuses in 777 Heist

The 777 Heist is full of great surprises! It has the Free Spins options as well, which will launch when the player manages to eliminate all the non-wild symbols from the reels. During this time the multiplier will not be reset.

777 Heist Features

777 Heist Slot game is surely a great game including a massive amount of the winning options and the free spin bonuses. It also has the 5x multiplier when it comes to the features: wins are increased and the results fo up and up. There is also a special spin, which is activated from the wins around the artworks.

777 Heist Design & Graphics

The 777 Heist has great looks and graphics for sure. The slot machine is beautiful and will attract loads of fans. Simple and easy user interface with an artistic background makes you feel pumped throughout the whole game. The game creators really manage to place you perfectly in the heat of the action!

Supported platforms and devices

777 Heist Slot game supports the Web Platform as well as Andriod and iOS. You can play it from many different devices such as PC, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, smartphone, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about this pokie

1 What is the minimum coin bet in 777 Heist?
The minimum bet in 777 Heist is 0.20.

2 What is the maximum coin bet in 777 Heist?
The maximum bet in 777 Heist is 35.00.

3 What is the biggest payout in 777 Heist?
The biggest win in 777 Heist can be dependent on bet on a payout.

4 What is the win rate in 777 Heist?
The RTP (return-to-player) in 777 Heist is 95.37%

5 Can I play 777 Heist for real money?
Yes, 777 Heist can be played for the real money in the authorized online casinos, which have a license for this game.

6 Is the autoplay feature available in 777 Heist?
Yes, the autoplay feature is available in 777 Heist Slot game.

7 Can I play 777 Heist with no registration?
Yes, 777 Heist can be played with no registration on our website and, in some cases, the registration is not needed on the casino websites as well, depending on them.

8 Can I play this pokie for free?
Yes, 777 Heist can be played for free in case the authorized online casino allows it.

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Graphics and Design
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