Best Online Bingo Sites 2022 (Australia)

Online bingo is a massively popular game in the UK, Australia, and globally. Originally, it was associated with older people and it was mostly enjoyed in brick-and-mortar halls; however, thanks to online casinos, bingo online has also experienced a peek in the past 20 years.

With more and more people from Australia looking to experience the best bingo games online, we created this page as a go-to guide for all bingo lovers in 2022.

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Where to Play Bingo Online

In Australia, there are hardly any exclusively bingo sites. This is often the case with other countries too, since bingo online is often offered alongside pokies, casino games, and live dealer games. Having reviewed 100+ online casinos and pokies sites, we have located the best bingo sites in Australia for you.

Roo Casino is one of the best bingo sites in Australia, offering bingo games from Red Rake Gaming. Players who deposit at this bingo casino for the first time can win up to AU$5,000 as a bonus.

mBit is one of the best crypto sites, which provides a few decent bingo variants. 30+ software providers power this site, while up to 5 BTC could come your way as a new player.

Aussie Play is an exclusively RTG casino, which offers a couple bingo online games. Join today and you could receive multiple 200%+ deposit bonuses!

Bingo Rules

Bingo is a rather simple game, which most of us know how to play since we are kids. Still, when deciding to play bingo for real money, it is important that you freshen your memory and be at your best shape.

  • Firstly, each player has to buy at least one bingo card, with numbers in a grid.
  • After the bingo balls are randomized, the caller announces them to all bingo players. This process continues for a while.
  • As numbers are being called, if you have one of the announced numbers in your card, you must mark it (this happens automatically when playing bingo online).
  • At least one player must form a winning pattern or patterns for the game to end.

Prizes and rewards vary according to where you play bingo and how much money you have invested in your bingo card.

Things to Remember when you play Online Bingo

Above, we touched upon the most important aspects of playing online bingo, but there are a few more things that any seasoned bingo player should remember.

  • In bingo, the caller keeps announcing numbers until a winner appears. This is rather good news for punters, as there are more chances to win than in other lottery games.
  • People mistakenly think that there is only one way to win at online bingo. Straight lines are not the only way that one can form a bingo win.
  • When you play on packed bingo rooms online, you will probably notice that more than one winner can appear in a single round. This should not surprise you, but it is important to remember that the prize is split equally when this occurs.
  • Bingo numbers come up randomly and this is being performed using an RNG. The pattern is confirmed from the beginning of the round, just the numbers come up slowly, so that the game is fun and enjoyable. Bingo in a video format operates in the same way, but without the waiting time.

Best Online Bingo Games

We have all heard off the classic bingo variants, like 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, and 90-ball bingo online; in 2022, however, one can find 50+ different bingo game variations on a single bingo site. Each has its different rules and gameplay, but the general idea remains the same. Below, we will note some of the best online bingo games that you should try out on Australian casinos.

  • Speed Bingo: This variant is also referred to as 30-ball bingo and it is essentially a quicker version of 75 ball bingo. Tickets here have 9 numbers in a 3×3 grid, which are randomly selected from 1 – 30.
  • Jackpot Bingo: If you join the right bingo site, there will be exclusive bingo rooms, which can be 30, 75, 80, or 90 ball bingo games with massive jackpot prizes. These could land jackpot prizes at random to lucky players, or higher pots than normal to those forming a winning bingo pattern.
  • Classic bingo games: Then, there are the different classic bingo online games, namely, 75, 80, 90-ball, which can all be enjoyed on most online bingo websites.

Other types of bingo that one can find online are Clockwork bingo, Heavy Weight, Free Bingo, Newbies Bingo, and other types that color the original gameplay.

Best Bingo Patterns

There is a diverse range of winning bingo patterns online, which vary from game to game. Still, there are a few, which you will encounter more often when you play bingo with friends.

Straight Line – 5 bingo numbers make up this winning pattern, which can form a line in any direction.

Four Corners – this particular bingo winning pattern has the smallest amount of numbers that one can use to win.

X Pattern – two diagonal lines meet at the centre with this bingo pattern.

How to Play Bingo Online

At this point, it is reasonable to wonder how you can get started and have fun on the best online bingo sites in Australia.

  • Firstly, you will need to select the number of cards that you want to play with.
  • The more cards you purchase, the more winning chances you will have.
  • The next step is for you to select how many numbers you want to play with. This value refers to the random numbers that are selected during online bingo.
  • Now the fun part. You must decide how much you want to bet on your card. Bets can range greatly depending on the bingo online casino that you play at.

As the game begins, your numbers will be marked off automatically, unlike classic bingo that you must scratch them off yourself. Based on the game rules, if you land a winning bingo pattern from the randomly extracted numbers, you win the prize.

Best Online Bingo Bonuses

Now, if you want to truly know the big secret of online bingo, it lies within the ability of players to play with added value to their money. For instance, you could be depositing $100 on a casino, to play online bingo with $200. Fascinating right? Below, we have listed for all readers the best online casino bonuses, offered by Aussie casinos that offer bingo games.

  • 24k Casino welcomes bingo players with a 100% deposit bonus up to $300 and 50 free spins.
  • Bao Casino has a welcome package in place, which can see new players winning $400 and 100 free spins.
  • Lady Hammer is a new Aussie casino, which offers new bingo players a spectacular 2x times 100% bonus.

It is important, however, to always check whether the bonus is wagerable on bingo games. Usually, this is the case with video bingo games online. Some Aussie casinos even offer no deposit bingo in 2022.

Online Bingo Cards

Lastly, we will try to give you a good idea of how bingo cards look, so that you know what to expect in your first online bingo experience.

Generally, the bingo cards vary from game to game, but the idea is that they include numbers in a grid, with the columns highlighting a letter from the word Bingo. A common format is:

  • B – 1 to 15.
  • I – 16 to 30.
  • N – 31 to 45.
  • G – 46 to 60.
  • O – 61 to 75.


Do you still feel unsure about how to get on with online bingo? Check out some of the most common online bingo enquiries and their short answers.

How to win at online bingo?

There is no single strategy to help you win at online bingo, as the game is based on luck – thanks to the RNG that is being employed by online casinos. However, you can play at less crowded bingo rooms and purchase more bingo cards to increase your winning chances.

Which is the best site to play online bingo?

There is no single site that can be proclaimed as the best when it comes to bingo games. This is a very personal matter, but things that you should consider include:

  • Variety and range of bingo games.
  • Bingo bonuses.
  • License and deposit methods.

Can I play bingo for free?

Yes, as most casinos offer exclusive bingo rooms for newbies or demo version of bingo games. In these instances, players can play bingo free, but will not win any real money. If you land yourself a no deposit bingo bonus though, you could play for free and win real money!

Is online bingo fair?

Yes, as long as you play on licensed casinos. All legal casinos use RNG in their games, which is the tool that randomizes each round and ensures a fair gambling experience.

Can you cheat at bingo?

When playing online bingo, players cannot cheat the casino, as the opposite is also impossible. This is achieved through the use of RNG, which helps provide a transparent and fair gaming experience for all.