Oriental Slots

Oriental themed slot machines have been in the center of slots gaming since the early days of online gambling. Oriental slots have been extremely popular long before Macau became one of the epicentres of the gambling world.

Featuring jackpots, free spins, multipliers and some of the most fascinating symbols – Oriental slots cater for all types of players.

How Do Oriental Slots look like?

You don’t need to be an expert historian or a citizen of an Eastern country to enjoy oriental slot games. Yes, the game will be more exciting if you are aware of the origins of each symbol, but these slots tend to be entertaining anyway.

Geisha’s, the Buddha, goldfishes and red dragons are some of the most common symbols one will encounter when playing slots with an oriental theme.

The paylines and the reels structure varies, as the bonuses and the special features across different oriental slots.

Which Oriental Slot Should I play?

Picking an oriental slot machine through our list won’t be hard. We have selected games that capture this theme beautifully, but also offer high pay outs and rewards.

The first step is to identify one that looks appealing to you and then you can click on it to learn more information about its gameplay.

The best oriental themes are featured on our page, so don’t hold back. On our site, you can also check out:

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