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Our purpose is to make pokies discovery easier and fun for users. We want to be your first choice and the best place for all your questions and wanted information. Aussie players can enjoy so many different games and casinos gathered here, on our website.

Our team play and look at the games from the ease of understanding, reward mechanism, RTP, volatility, graphics and how well the game builds expectations for players.

Apart from that, we collect feedback from users which help us understand the engagement on various pokies. Your opinion is essential to us because we are here FOR YOU and at the end of the day, it is the only thing that truly counts.

Not every pokie is for everybody, some pokies have their own target group. Categories of pokies are like movie genres. The choice depends on the taste and preferences of the user. What we want to do is to form and give you the best selection to choose from. Everybody should be able to find their source of entertainment, that is why we here!

We are first to receive upcoming game information from various game developers, and we would like to build algorithms to match games to the right players. We also build mechanisms to provide information in a non-intrusive way, so all info is available at fingertips — everything in favour of your more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Our people play pokie rounds and provide the Tips & Tricks to our users regularly, this could really increase the fun factor!

Safe and enjoyable experience is a priority.

We are also reviewing online casinos and want to be the one-stop source for any player looking for a new place to play pokies and have fun. We can negotiate for you and bring the best bonuses and promotions for users on a regular basis, so we can provide an edge to our visitors. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

Our website is a source of place for players to complain about any malpractice by the casino, which will help us to keep users away from scammy casinos. Your safety is also something that we want to make sure off.

We can also negotiate and moderate on your behalf in case certain casinos fail to comply with their rules. Reducing the number of flaws of a particular casino or amount of problems you may have is something that we also want to do for you to improve your experience as our user and player.

Our team – a crew that volumes up amusement

Our team is multinational, so it is very diverse, and diversity is always a good thing, you’ll agree. It gathers views from so many different perspectives, which is a big plus for everything we do to provide the best service for you. We are the same, ordinary people like you, newbies and regular players.

Our goal is to help beginners and regular, occasional players to discover fun games and find trusted casinos where they can play it.

Our rating and review system – parameters of fun & win factors

We like to keep our approach friendly and straightforward, which is, in our opinion, a crucial priority for evaluation. We are working for simple people who are looking for fun, casual players and new and completely inexperienced ones. Our motto is to make you happy and keep you entertained. Rating and review system is based on 3 core things:

We like to keep our approach friendly and straightforward, which is, in our opinion, a crucial priority for evaluation. We are working for simple people who are looking for fun, casual players and new and completely inexperienced ones. Our motto is to make you happy and keep you entertained. Rating and review system is based on 3 core things:

Our pokies & slots games evaluation framework

Game design & graphics

How fun it is, how much of engagement it requires, how attractive it is visually.

Game features

What exciting features an individual slot is offering, wildcards there are in the game, special wins etc.

Win factor

If you choose a slot with a high RTP, you’ll improve your chances of winning. RTP is always mentioned, and it’s usually between 92-97%.

Engagement factor

We evaluate the game by playing it for 3 hours straight. Just like you, we are searching for fun and the excitement during the playtime. Too complicated kills the fun and too simple might bring dullness.

The Roots

It’s not all about fun and games. Your safeness is also important. We evaluate and appreciate companies that are trustworthy and have a good reputation. We want you to have fun without the potential danger of being scammed.


We also research which particular game is on more respected and trustful casinos. That is how we discover more and more top wanted games because we want to provide the most popular ones for you.

Our online casinos evaluation framework

1. Trust

Before evaluation, we are digging into every aspect that online casino can have and this one is pretty essential. It implies information like who stands behind the casino, is casino operating legally and has a license, is it SSL secured and is it offering secure and well-known payment processors.

2. Games lobby

Every casino has its empire of games; it can be bigger or smaller with more or less diversity. We examine how many games the particular casino has to offer and evaluate it. Impression about this aspect isn’t based only on the number of games. It is also about providers and quality.

3. Bonuses

In the interest of your best possible experience, we also explore bonus options that casinos are offering. We check out “free spins bonuses” which are very desirable considering their possibility to increase your chances of winning and second most wanted “no deposit bonus”. We also inform you if there is a “welcome bonus” or any other type of it that can bring you bigger and better rewards.

4. Payments

We do research and inform you about payment methods. Deposit and payout methods can be different, but we examine and evaluate both. It is always better if the casino is offering you more different payment options, so different preferences of users can be satisfied.

5. Reputation

When we examine and evaluate all previous aspects, we also got the picture of a casinos reputation, but it is incomplete until we include users. Even if the casino leaves the best possible impression, any complaint on scamming or dissatisfaction of users will take its part in our evaluation process.

6. Customer Support

Last but not least is customer support. We research how helpful this service is, are employees professional, well trained and kind. We check do they respond, how fast they respond and, most importantly, how effectively they are solving problems.

Interaction with you matters the most.

You can say or ask us anything you want! We are talking to you. We have so many visitors, just like you, coming to our site every day. That’s why we take the opportunity to listen and learn from you. You can comment on any of our articles – ask us some questions, or challenge us – and we’ll always take the time to read and reply. Upgrading us to be better for you is something where exactly you can help us! We are here for you, and we are here to listen to you! We are offering you a compound of games and casinos that has a fun factor on maximum level, all you have to do is to choose what you like the most. Anything you’re unsure of, curious about, unsatisfied with, tell us! We are here to fix if there are any problems or complications and to wreck dullness completely. We are at your service, bringing you solutions, simplicity and most important FUN!

Often, you may see a little pop-up with a question. That’s us trying to learn more about what all of our users want from us. Always tell us about your likes and dislikes, what you don’t understand and what would you change, ask us questions and say your propositions. We’ve made loads of changes to the site based on this feedback from you – so thank you!

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