Superhero Slots

If you are looking to find the best superhero slot machine, then you are on the right track. Superheroes have always managed to captivate the imagination of millions of people; action, superpowers, villains and an original story are common features across all the mainstream superheroes.

Movies, however, are not the only way that a superhero can be adopted from comic books in 2020. Besides merchandise, slot machines have also borrowed the most popular superhero icons and turned them into exciting pokies online games that can reward money, besides saving the day.

Best Superhero Slot Machines

When you are trying to identify the best superhero slot machines, you should always look for a figure that you recognise. There are thousands of different superheroes across the globe and slot machines have featured most of them by 2020.

When you identify the hero figure that appeals most to you, it is important that it also populates a slot game with the following features: high RTP, medium/high volatility, bonus rounds and beautifully designed symbols. The best superhero slots in 2020 are:

  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Superman Slots
  • Captain America Slots
  • Thor Slots
  • Iron Man 2 Slots

Play Superhero Slots Online Today

If one of the above top-rated superhero slots doesn’t feel right for you, then you can pick any other superhero themed game from the list below.

Besides winning money, playing a superhero themed slot will also give you a unique take into a story that the movie or comic might have missed. Play more themed slots below:

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