Egypt Slots

The superb power and mysticism of the Ancient Egypt period has been alluring the world since this day; scientists are still unsure how some of the most stunning Egyptian artefacts were created and the figures that were central to that era are still loved and adored.

Slots with an Egyptian theme have a lot of history to draw upon and they never starve in terms of new ideas. Classic pokies australia in physical casinos also feature the Egyptian theme pretty eloquently; the result? Players love Egypt slots to this day and they keep asking for more.

New Egypt Slots Releases

For punters interested in Egypt slots, there are no limits in terms of choice. It is important though, that players also consider the gameplay and prizes when picking a slot game – and not the theme alone.

Crown of Egypt

This classic themed Egypt slot is linked to gods and rulers from that era. It’s colourful and exciting, offering 1,024 different ways to win. There is a win ways feature apparent, which breaks away from the classic payline and symbols, paying indifferently of their reel position.

Pharaohs Fortune

This Egypt slot is about the Pharoh’s inner family and it offers a free history lesson besides some exciting prizes. The special thing about this game is that it is simple in terms of gameplay, but it can reward an unlimited amount of free spins to players.

Play Egypt Slots for Free or Real Money

We personally find this theme a bit saturated, but there are some great choices amongst the thousands of Egypt slots on the Internet. We have only included the best amongst them in the list below, so give them a go for real money or free! Enjoyed this genre? Check out:

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