Rocket Gambling Game Guide

The Rocket was the original Bitcoin Crash gambling game, which first appeared in the online world in 2019. Its central premise is simple.

Players place their bet, a rocket starts increasing along with a multiplier from 1x to 999x, and players decide when to abort the ship. The gameplay is simple, your bet can increase 1,000x times in seconds, and the process can be repeated as many times as you like.

The Rocket gambling game has a 97% RTP and operates with either RNG or provability fair software, ensuring players’ safety. A few online casinos in Australia and the US have incorporated Rocket in their games list, and you should take advantage of this opportunity.

But first, should learn how this game works.

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How to Play the Rocket Gambling Game

To play the Rocket, you must sign up at an online casino and deposit some bitcoin cash or claim a no deposit bonus. But first, let’s explain how the game plays out in detail and the features that are in place to help you stay in control.


Assuming you are already a member of one Rocket online casino and you just launched the game.


Like other casino table games, you can now view the ‘Next Round’ countdown.


Within a set time, you must decide how much money you would like to bet. Depending on the casino, you can adjust this value from the bet controls, starting from $1 to $1,000 or more.


The Rocket will take off as soon as the counter reaches zero, and your stake will be at stake!


The multiplier starts at 1x and quickly increases. If you abort the ship before it crashes, your bet will be multiplied by the multiplier the Rocket had reached that point. If, for instance, it was at 563x and you had bet $10, you won $5,630.


And repeat.

The Cash-Out button is how you can exit the round and take the achieved multiplier. The trick lies in staying calm and not getting influenced by the winning potential of the Rocket game. A new round will begin every 10 seconds, so you shouldn’t hesitate to cash out if your bet has already increased by a lot!

Special Features

The game is straightforward, and each round is pretty standard. However, the Rocket gambling game has specific controls to instantly help players bet and exit.

Bet – tap on this button, set your stake and participate in the round. The action can be completed even while the rocket is already moving.

Cash Out – click the cash-out to take the achieved multipliers and win the corresponding amount.

Auto Bail – players can place a setting for their bet to be withdrawn instantly when a specific multiplier has been reached. This can be very useful due to the fast-paced nature of the Rocket game.

Repeat Bet – the same bet can be designed to be repeated several times in a row. When combined with Auto Bail, players can simply sit back and watch the action.

Multipliers – the wins can start from 1.1x to 1,000x, depending on the rocket’s reach.

That’s how you get to play the Rocket Game in a nutshell. It’s a simple, fast, and potentially rewarding bitcoin game worth trying out!

Rocket Game RTP & Statistics

The classic Rocket game comes with favourable stats for players. Those aware of how online pokies and casino games work can instantly notice it.

Firstly, the RTP is set at 97%, suggesting decent long-term returns. It is higher than most online pokies, at about the same edge as online roulette. However, the winning potential of the Rocket is similar to online slots, without the boring spinning part.

What is entirely different about the Rocket gambling game compared to other casino games is the volatility. This rating describes the risk involved in gambling games, with the low being less risky and high variance signifying higher but rare wins. The Rocket comes with variant volatility, depending on the stakes. If a player bets low, the Rocket will probably rise for longer times. However, players betting $100+ on every round will notice that the multiplier hardly exceeds 10x. That’s normal but very important to remember before you start betting!

When playing the Rocket game at a licensed online casino, you can rest assured that it operates fairly through a random number generator. That’s a software system that completely randomizes the outcomes of each round. Essentially, that’s how all online casino games play out. However, when playing on crypto casinos without outside regulation, such games operate with provably fair software. This software gains legitimacy due to the ability that players have to verify its fairness. They operate similar to cryptocurrencies in that regard. You can read here for more details on how such games operate.

Rocket Game Variations

Although the Rocket is a relatively standard game, there have been a few variations. We haven’t noticed any of them added on real money regulated casinos in Australia yet, but don’t get surprised if you spot a Rocket game with jackpots.

Such games set different jackpot prizes at different multipliers, i.e., 75x mini jackpot, 200x midi jackpot, and 500x maxi. If one of the milestones has been reached before you take the win, you get to also spin a Jackpot Wheel for a chance at the cash prizes.

Rocket Gambling Strategy

The Rocket is the most straightforward casino game, so not much can work in terms of strategy. Nevertheless, after playing for some time, we have noticed a few areas that can help bag wins more often:

  • Set the auto bail option to avoid getting carried away
  • When betting over $200 per round, abort within seconds after the game starts.
  • When you set the auto bail, use the additional settings to increase your bet after each loss and apply a Martingale strategy on the Rocket.
  • Don’t think for a second that you are in control of the outcomes and bet more than you can afford.
  • Play the Rocket with a casino bonus, as it is fast-paced and great to wager bonus winnings.

Positives & Negatives of the Rocket Gambling Game

  • 97% RTP
  • Massive 1,000x multiplier at every round
  • Easy to play
  • Unique gameplay
  • Controls help stay in control of the game
  • Varying volatility
  • Only available at a few casinos
  • Creates a false sense of control

Online Casinos to Play the Rocket Game

You might struggle a bit to play the Rocket game for real money. However, after reviewing 100+ online casinos accepting players from Australia, we know which crypto casinos provide such options. The following are the best sites to play bitcoin and crypto games like the Rocket:

Online Casinos to Play the Rocket Game

We expect more operators to add this game to their catalogs, since even DraftKings USA Casino offers it today. Despite the criticism of lobbyists about its gameplay that could motivate excessive gambling activities, the Rocket is no different to other casino games in our view.

Rocket Gambling & Crypto Casinos

In this Rocket game review, you must have noticed us mentioning Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies several times. This wasn’t random since the Rocket began as an exclusively BTC game. Several players used to stake on this gambling game and stream live on Twitch, and millions watched them!

Nowadays, it has reached the mainstream, and everyone can play the Rocket. All listed casinos above accept both fiat and crypto money. With such control over your online gambling, there is simply no reason to miss out on the Rocket. Tap on the links to sign up, make the first deposit, and off you go to outer space!

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