Western Slots

Renowned for being the toughest place on the planet, the Wild West has been a popular source of inspiration for slot games. Gambling was also a common activity in that period, as it is also highlighted in Western movies.

Other than that, gunfights, cowboys, rangers, horses and saloons are the other widely recognised features than one can encounter when playing a Western slot game.

Best Western Slots to Play

Besides sunsets, wildlife and sexy saloon girls, make sure to also look out for a high RTP, bonuses and plenty paylines when picking a western online pokies australia to play. Our favourite ones from this genre include:

True Sheriff

This game is designed by BetSoft and it is one of the first 3D slots. There is a bit of guessing involved in this online slot, which allows players to double their winnings, if performed accurately. True Sheriff is a must try slot game, even if you are not a true fan of Western themed slots.

Dead or Alive

Developed by NetEnt, Dead or Alive is one of the most played slot games of all times. It is often included in the casinos welcome offers for this exact reason. It features 9 paylines and it has some sticky wilds in the form of wanted posters that can truly transform your bankroll. Dead or Alive II is also popular, although it misses something compared to the Western feel of the original one.

Should you Play Western Slots Online?

We are always striving to be objective when suggesting games to our readers. In the case of Western slots, we can safely confirm that it is one of the themes that has the most rewarding and fun to play games.

Besides the two options above, you can find numerous other Western slots below. Enjoyed this theme? Discover more below:

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