Online Keno Australia 2024

Keno is massively popular in Australia, especially among adults aged 20 – 45. The game is mostly played in pubs, casinos, wagering shops, and clubs, for real money. Online keno licenses have also been granted in most Aussie states, enabling real money betting on keno from anywhere using authorised apps and sites.

We’ve done the math, though, and discovered that playing keno at online casinos is much more rewarding than visiting the nearest pub or wagering club. The listed casinos have been approved by our team for offering Classic Keno, Keno with Progressive Jackpots, Themed Keno Games, Live Dealer Keno, and 10+ more variations of the lottery game throughout the country. Claiming no deposit bonuses and deposit match offers can help tilt the odds in your favour.

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The following guide to playing online keno at casinos can further aid your case.

Introduction to Keno for Aussies

Keno is a form of bingo originating in Ancient China. It has now been modernised into a live call game and works as follows:

  • The user selects 1 – 10 (often 15 numbers) from the 80 displayed on the grid.
  • The draw takes place and 20 numbers out of the 80 are randomly selected.
  • The more numbers matched correctly, the higher the payout.
  • Bets range from A$0.5 to A$100 per ticket in most cases.
  • Keno game variants can influence the odds, drawings, available numbers, and more aspects to offer a unique gaming experience.
  • Hot and Cold numbers indicate the numbers that have hit the most and least often during the last 10 – 100 rounds.
  • The RTP of keno ranges between 85% to 99%, depending on what game you are playing.

Keno has been legal to play in Australia for over a decade. Each state is responsible for assigning licenses to selected companies which then distribute the game to approved locations. Online keno licenses have also been granted, and players can bet using the official sites and apps available in their state. The following three bills have been put in place to regulate keno in Australia:

  • Keno Act 1996
  • Keno Regulation 2007
  • Keno Rule 2010

Online casinos operating offshore also offer online and mobile keno games for real money, though, and we consider them the best option. That’s because they offer regular bonuses, a variety of keno games with high winning odds, and a great user experience.

Best Casinos to Play Real Money Keno in Australia

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Playing keno for real money at online casinos is a no-brainer really. Although gambling sites are not regulated in Australia, users engaging with their services aren’t in any danger of fines or similar repercussions. Although legal keno sites exist Down Under, they offer the classic version of the game only and no extras.

After reviewing hundreds of online casinos, we’ve tracked down the best for online keno. You can view them above and take your pick without second thoughts. Criteria we employed to inform our selection include:

  • Official license to offer gambling services
  • Games distributed by professional vendors subjected to random tests by official companies
  • Variety of keno games, including classic, themed, and live versions
  • Bonuses applicable to keno
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Convenient banking methods and flexible payment limits
  • Solid reputation among Aussie players
  • Mobile-compatible websites
  • Free versions of their keno games
Online Keno Australia

Playing Keno at Online Casinos vs Local Shops

To put this question to bed once and for all, I have outlined the pros and cons of casino keno and playing the lottery-style game at approved locations.

Playing Keno at Online CasinosPlaying Keno at Regulated Spots in Australia
Huge variety of gamesClassic keno only
Flexible betting limits, from as low as A$0.1Bets often begin at A$1 per ticket
Betting at your own paceRounds start every 3 – 5 minutes depending on the game
Live and video versionsTelevised format only, without actual hosts
Higher RTPsAlthough not fixed, classic keno games usually come with 85% RTPs
Generous bonusesNo extras
Modern interfacesRegulated keno sites and apps do not go the extra mile to ensure great UX
Available through desktop and mobile devicesDesktop, mobile, laptops, and native apps for iOS/Android
Online casinos aren’t regulated in AustraliaEach state assigns licenses and permits to companies meeting strict criteria, ensuring a safer gaming experience
Prizes usually capped at 5000 – 10,000x the stakeAussie keno can pay millions from a single ticket

How to Play Keno Online in Australia

Any Aussie player over 18 years old can sign up in less than five minutes and make a deposit starting at A$10 on the listed operators. A few personal info like full name, address, email, and mobile number will be required.

Next, you can use the search bar to instantly find all keno games or visit the specialty tab to manually locate them. I advise everyone to read the rules before placing any bets since they might not follow the classic gameplay format. A demo version is in place to help you practice if you like.

Although it might vary, I outline the standard keno gameplay process below.

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Keno draws

The draw
A new keno draw takes place approximately every 3 and a half minutes. Users must select their numbers and place their bets in the meantime. With classic keno, drawings might not take place on selected hours and days. The draw in online casino keno games starts when you choose to.

Keno numbers

Select your numbers
The usual keno ticket contains numbers from 1 to 80. The player can select anywhere between 1 and 10 numbers, and the random number generator will produce 20. The more numbers you match, the higher the win. The numerical selection can be done manually or using autoplay. A good tip to remember is that the more numbers you select, the less likely you are to win but the higher the potential outcomes.

Keno tickets

Consecutive rounds
At online keno, players can select 1 – 10 numbers and bet on them for consecutive rounds. This increases the cost of your ticket but gives you the freedom to sit back and watch, without having to select new numbers every few minutes.

Keno betting limits

Betting limits
A keno ticket can cost as low as A$0.5 to A$100 or more. The cost will depend on the number of draws and win multiplier selected. Likewise, the prizes will depend on how many numbers you correctly guessed, and the total numbers selected for the draw. The higher the prizes, the lower the winning odds in keno.

Keno multipliers

Keno bonus
Adding a keno bonus means selecting one of your numbers as a multiplier of your total winnings. Adding a keno bonus automatically increases the cost of your ticket and potential payout.

Keno patterns

Similar to bingo, players often use patterns when betting real money on keno. If you are unsure about the numbers you want to bet on and don’t want to use autoplay, you could as well start drawing patterns on your ticket.

In every round, the keno numbers will appear sequentially on the screen. This feature boosts the adrenaline levels to the maximum – nothing beats the feeling of seeing the last number of your 7 selections lightning up on the screen. I have friends who cannot even watch the draw taking place due to heightened anxiety.

Keno Apps – Playing on the move

Keno is an excellent game for beginners, it doesn’t require any expert skill or knowledge. You select some numbers and hope that they are drawn. The audio and graphics are perfectly aligned to create a smooth but alluring experience. Colour coding helps easily identify the hits and misses during every round.

Playing the game online is much more convenient than visiting the nearest store, there is no denying that. The prizes are not affected by how you play keno, so you might as well play the game on mobile if that’s what you prefer. Here are your options.

Playing keno from your laptop or desktop computer
Aussie players can sign up at online casinos to pick among 10+ keno variants and start playing with generous bonuses. Keno is compatible with any desktop or laptop; newer devices do ensure a more intuitive gaming experience. Those who like to bet on multiple keno draws simultaneously should 100% take this route.

Mobile keno
The same gaming experience is provided at online casinos through smartphones and tablets. Online keno variants are designed with HTML5 technology and therefore automatically adjust to your screen. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can use any browser to play mobile keno for real money.

Keno apps
Native keno apps for iOS and Android are exclusively offered by licensed keno distributors in Australia. Your options will depend on the state you reside in since each territory assigns distinct permits. Keno apps don’t differ much from mobile keno casinos. Nonetheless, players who prefer this route can download them for free by manually searching on Google Play or App Store.

Keno Games – The Best Variants at Casinos

Although keno has been following the standard format for over 20 years at betting shops and online sites, casinos as always have taken the game a step further. Some of the keno gambling sites I’ve recommended host over 20 variants, including the following.

  • Classic Keno – this version is the standard keno game played in pubs and wagering shops throughout Australia. All online casinos feature Classic Keno, you can bet from 1 – 10 or 15 numbers and sit back to see which 20 numbers are drawn.
  • Keno Age of the Gods –this progressive jackpot game by Playtech allows users to select 2 – 10 numbers from 90 options. Players can use auto or quick pick as they see fit, and the 20 balls will then start rolling. The payouts in Keno Age of the Gods are 1x for 3/10 picks up to 5000x for 10/10. A progressive jackpot can be won at random, and the game’s RTP ranges between 91.58 – 93.08%.
  • Book of Keno – Evoplay designed this game with an RNG and provably fair version, enabling a house edge as low as 3.89%. The game is themed similar to Book Of pokies and players select 1 – 10 numbers from 36 options. The payouts are lower than on standard keno games but much easier to get – guess 1 number correctly to receive a 3.46x win.
  • Live Keno – Evolution, Swintt, Pragmatic Live, and other big live casino studios haven’t produced live keno games yet. Most online keno real money games follow the same computerised format you experience at local betting shops. Live keno is only hosted by Vivo Gaming and TVBet – the gameplay and rules don’t change, though attractive dealers facilitate the action and make the whole experience more immersive.

Finding a keno variant to your liking at online casinos is as easy as pie. The above are my personal favourites, sign up at the recommended operators and explore the options for yourself.

7 Online Keno Strategies and Tips

Start with Small Keno Bets

Keno isn’t just another luck-based game. The odds of winning at keno are extremely low, the casino edge can be as high as 15% when table games come with less than 4%. Knowing that you will be losing more than you will be winning is the right starting point. To get used to the game and play for longer, I recommend placing small bets per ticket but for more draws. This won’t guarantee a win but will keep you in the game for longer and hopefully result in some wins.

Make a Careful Selection

This tip applies to several aspects, most of which we already have or will cover in this guide.

Bet Between Four and Eight Numbers

Winning keno bets with less than four numbers doesn’t mean much, considering the payout will be insignificant. On the other hand, winning keno tickets with over eight selections is hard since you need a minimum of four hits. Betting between 4 and 8 numbers seems to be the sweet spot, except for when a progressive jackpot is at play, and you must bet more numbers per round to qualify.

Don’t Add a Keno Bonus

Adding a keno bonus might seem like a good option but it isn’t. The chances of winning at keno are low anyway, so adding an extra challenge by designating a specific number essential to bigger wins is not a wise move.

Try Keno with Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots hit at random as you play casino games, often millions in a single payout. Although I am generally against playing jackpot games due to the higher edge they have to accumulate large prize pools, keno is a rather dull game that can greatly benefit from extra gameplay elements. Age of the Gods Keno is a variant I wholeheartedly recommend.

Don’t Change Your Numbers

There are no 100% winning numbers in keno. Instead of selecting a unique set of numbers during each draw or hitting the auto-play, though, it is better to use the same numbers every time you play keno. You could pick those based on dates that are important to you, for example. Betting the same numbers saves you from the awful feeling of seeing your numbers appear on the screen, right when you stopped betting.

Hot and Cold Numbers

Like all casino games online, keno also works based on an algorithm. Most keno machines allow you to view the last 80, 160, 400 and even more previously played keno rounds. This is not a secret trick, but one that very few try due to the time and effort it requires. Looking carefully for patterns, for numbers that don’t come up often and for the numbers that do – could help you set up a solid strategy to beat this popular game.

Keno Odds & Payouts

The Classic Keno (80 numbers, 20 hits, and up to 10 picks) odds and payouts are displayed in the following table. Carefully review them and bet with your head, not over it.

Numbers PickedWinning Odds  Top Prize for A$1 Tickets
11 in 4A$1
22 in 17$A10
31 in 8 for 2/3 and 1 in 73 for 3/3A$25
41 in 5 for 2/4, 1 in 24 for 3/4, and 1 in 327 for 4/4A$50
51 in 12 for 3/5, 1 in 83 for 4/5, and 1 in 1,551 for 5/5A$300
61 in 324 for 5/6 and 1 in 7,753 for 6/6A$1000
71 in 116 for 5/7, 1 in 1,366 for 6/7, and 1 in 40,980 for 7/7A$2,500
81 in 423 for 6/8, 1 in 6,233 for 7/8, and 1 in 230,115 for 8/8A$10,000
91 in 1,691 for 7/9, 1 in 30,682 for 8/9, and 1 in 1,380,688 for 9/9A$25,000
101 in 7,385 for 8/10, 1 in 163,382 for 9/10, and 1 in 8,911,712 for 10/10A$100,000

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Online Keno Bonus Codes & Offers

It should be obvious by now that winning at keno in the long run is impossible. In fact, you are unlikely to profit from gambling at any online casino game, the casino edge is non-negotiable. More so in real money keno since the edge is even higher than with pokies.

Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses

Regular Promotions

Steps to turn Aussie casino bonuses into real money playing keno

Apart from online pokies and scratch-offs, keno is one of the few casino games contributing 100% towards the wagering requirements. To actually benefit from any casino bonus, you should understand how this and other promo T&Cs work.

The bonus wagering requirement is a multiplier illustrating the times you must play through a keno bonus to be able to withdraw any remaining winnings. Wagering requirements are always applicable to casino welcome offers and promotions for existing players.

To understand how exactly the bonus wagering requirements operate, I have provided some examples below.

Example 1

Assuming that you deposited A$10 at a casino and claimed a 100% bonus of A$10 with 30x wagering requirements. This means that you now have to spend A$300 on eligible games. As soon as this is performed, you will be allowed to withdraw the remaining winnings.

Example 2

You just deposited A$50 at an online casino and received a 50% bonus of A$25 with 40x wagering requirements; now, you will have to spend A$1000 on eligible keno games to turnover the bonus.

Example 3

You added A$100 at a keno casino and claimed a 200% bonus of A$200 with 45x wagering requirements. You must now wager A$9000 on the qualifying keno games to be eligible to withdraw your bonus winnings.

The above examples are valid when keno games contribute 100% towards the playthrough as is usually the case. Ultimately, each player has the freedom to opt in or give casino bonuses a pass. As long as you stick with operators we have reviewed and approved, you won’t have to deal with unfair terms and conditions.

Is Keno Legal in Australia?

Is Keno Legal in Australia?

Most gaming activities such as keno are regulated at a state level Down Under. For example, keno in Queensland has evolved according to the following three bills:

Playing keno at betting shops, casinos, pubs, bars, and selected locations is legal and possible in most Australian territories. The gaming authorities in the respective states usually license one or two large companies that then distribute keno to approved locations. Online keno is also slowly being legalised throughout Australia. Here is a notable example of the legal situation in Victoria:

Is Keno Still Running in Queensland?

Keno is legal and still running in Queensland. Keno (QLD) Pty Ltd has been licensed by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation to distribute keno in casinos, betting shops, clubs, pubs, and online.

QLD keno has also been included in the progressive jackpot pools running across Victoria, NSW, and the ACT. This means that QLD gamers stand a chance to win millions from the top jackpots on top of their standard tickets. Some of the most popular keno games in Queensland include:

  • Keno Classic: Bet A$1 for A$1 Million
  • Keno Mega Millions: Bet A$2 for A$5 Million
  • Keno Heads or Tails: Double or Quadruple your Bet
  • Keno Kwikpik: Autopick and Bet!


Keno in Australia is constantly evolving. We have created this space to address questions players pose regarding online keno. You can post your query here, and we will address it as soon as possible.

Can you play keno online in Australia?

Online keno is legal in most Australian states. Each territory assigns licenses to approved companies who then distribute keno to physical locations and via the Internet. Online keno is also provided by real money casinos we have listed on this page, often in larger variety and with better odds.

Is keno at online casinos legal in Australia?

Online gambling activities have been banned in Australia since the IGA 2001, and all casino game providers that continue operations risk getting fined. Nonetheless, you can play keno at a casino without worries, players are not committing a crime by betting online, and neither can they suffer penalties or fines. Casinos, on the other hand, might. Pick any website from our list and go after the next progressive casino keno jackpot!

Can you play keno online at home?

Yes, Aussies can play keno online from home. Until recently, playing keno was only possible in pubs and wagering shops. Since 2012, though, approved Aussie operators have been able to offer real money keno through native apps and websites. Online casinos accepting Australians also offer a massive range of real money keno variants, so take your pick and have a blast with keno from home or anywhere.

How can I claim a keno bonus?

Bonuses are only provided by casinos offering keno, not physical shops, or state-licensed sites. To receive a keno bonus, you should select an operator from this page, register an account, deposit the qualifying amount, and opt-in for the bonus while at it. The bonus funds will automatically be credited to your account, and you can play keno with twice the amount you deposited or more.

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