Online Casinos Australia Troubleshooting Guide: 10 Most Common Problems & their Solutions

Online casinos, like all things, can break. You might have trouble logging into an existing casino account or be unable to withdraw funds. And online casino support is not always readily available. You might find our online casino troubleshooting guide handy for these and many other reasons.

We will try to cover several issues that might stop you from playing your favourite online casino games, along with scenarios that are most likely to have caused them and how to address the problems.

As you go through, keep in mind that most of these problems will be tied to Australian online casinos since this market tends to complicate things more than regulated iGaming spheres like the US and Canada.

Reasons you might need to Troubleshoot Online Casinos

Before you read our tips to troubleshoot your problem with an online casino, we thought a quick summary of the most common issues and troubleshooting tips for each might be enough to resolve the situation.

ProblemPotential Cause of the IssueSolution
Casino account cannot registerWrong details / not available in Australia / casino closedDouble-check details / find alternative casino
Issues finding the online casinoCasino blocked or shut downWait a couple of days for the casino to relaunch or join another casino
Trouble logging into your casino accountWrong login detailsReset password
Cannot delete online casino accountNon-compliant casino sitesEmail support or ACMA
Problems setting limits to your casino accountLack of regulationEmail support or find another safer operator
Online casino website blockedACMA monthly bansWait for a few hours/days or find another online casino
Online casino deposit not workingInsufficient funds / wrong detailsDouble-check or opt-in for alternative payment methods
Online casino withdrawal is not workingActive bonus / not enough money / KYCIf all fails, contact support
Online casino not workingCheck Wi-Fi connection or scheduled maintenance updatesReset your device or app and try again later
Online casino account suspendedSuspicious activity / breaking the casino rulesFind an alternative if you cannot resolve the issue through the customer support department

Each of the above problems is expanded upon in detail below.

10 Common Online Casino Australia Problems and Solutions

Top-of-the-game casino brands are not available to Australians since the market is not yet legal and regulated. As a result, offshore online casinos that are established by less renowned companies dominate this space.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t play online pokies in Australia, but rather that issues might appear more often here than in other jurisdictions. Below we cover the most common and how to address each situation.

#1 Cannot register a new online casino account

If you are on the casino’s registration page and it doesn’t let you create your new account, three are the potential reasons:

  • You are providing the wrong details; a password that doesn’t meet the requirements, leaving a required field empty, or entering an invalid email
  • The casino doesn’t accept players from Australia
  • The casino doesn’t accept new players anymore

If the casino has shut down, you must choose another one from this page. The same is a quick solution if your selected casino doesn’t accept Australians.

But first, you should double-check the requirements on the registration form and whether you are accurately submitting these.

#2 Issues finding your online casino website

Australians often report an inability to find an online casino. We regularly receive emails saying cannot find King Johnnie Casino or has Spinago Casino has shut down.

This can happen because ACMA often bans offshore gambling sites that are not licensed for Australia. As a result, the URL you used to join until recently might suddenly be unavailable. For such cases, you must wait for a few days for the operator to relaunch under a new domain.

The worst-case scenario is that the casino has closed down. This only happens with rogue operators, which we would never recommend.

#3 Trouble logging into your online casino account

Players are often unable to log in at their online casino. This can be because of entering the wrong username or password. Additional causes have been referenced in relation to Jackpot Jill Casino login problems, so you might want to check these out.

Indifferently, you can hit the reset login details beneath the two areas. This will inform the casino to email you a link that you can use to reset your password.

#4 Cannot delete online casino account

Australian online casinos are not compelled to collaborate with iGaming bodies in place to protect gamblers from excessive gambling habits. European Casinos, for instance, are required to add links on their homepage for Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare. There, users can set limits, block their access to an operator, or find help.

You can delete your casino account if such measures aren’t in place. An online casino might not feature this option prominently. For help, you can email the casino to ask them to close your casino account in your place.

#5 Problems setting limits to your casino account

Similar to the above, with little to no regulations over their practices, Australian casino sites rarely provide players with the option to set limits or take cool-off periods from gambling.

You can manage this by emailing the casino’s support or reaching out to external bodies for help. Such examples for Australians include GamblingHelpOnline and Gamblers Help.

#6 Online casino website blocked

Even the most prominent websites in Australia get blocked. That’s because players dissatisfied with the casino file a complaint to ACMA, and they act indifferently to whether an operator has mistreated players. The blocked, the Golden Pokies website blocked, and similar queries are prevalent as a result.

Operators have found a solution to this, which was expected. They wait for a day or two and then launch under a different domain. This explains why you might find a Play Amo 1, 2, or 3 domain and many sites like

As a result, you can simply wait for a day or two, and you will be able to log in back to your casino account and play with your previous balance.

#7 Online casino deposit not working

Problems with banking at online casinos are widespread. If you cannot transfer money to your casino account, one of the following might be the cause:

  • Your bank doesn’t support payments to gambling sites
  • You don’t have a sufficient balance
  • The details you provided on the casino cashier are wrong

First, you should double-check that you have enough money to play casino games. Then, make sure you are entering the correct banking details. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you should contact the casino’s and/or bank’s customer service team or try an alternative banking method.

#8 Online casino withdrawal not working

Withdrawals from online casinos can be tricky. Make sure you the following criteria are met before requesting a withdrawal:

  • Do you have a balance over the lowest minimum casino withdrawal limit? Some online casinos set their minimum withdrawal limits to over A$100, so make sure you got sufficient balance to withdraw.
  • Have you completed all wagering requirements? Online casinos won’t let you withdraw if you have bonus funds, especially if the bonuses are sticky. Make sure you have cleared these before asking for a withdrawal.
  • Did you upload the documents required for the KYC procedure? The casino will ask for an ID, bank statement, credit card authorization agreement (if you used a credit card to gamble), and a recent utility bill to confirm your registered information.

If you tick all the above boxes, then you might have fallen prey to an illegitimate online casino that doesn’t pay out players. To avoid such issues, only play at Pokies.Bet-approved casinos.

#9 Online casino not working

There are cases where your selected online casino might crash or lag. If you are logged in and click on a tab, and it doesn’t open, or the game constantly refreshes, etc., consider the following:

  • Ensure you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network or have enough data.
  • Close all other tabs, log out and back in the casino, and try again.
  • Restart your device and relaunch the online casino.
  • Uninstall the casino app (if applicable) and reinstall it.
  • Check whether the casino has scheduled maintenance.
  • Update your device’s software system.
  • Call, message or email the casino support team and discuss your problem.

If all fails, wait for a few minutes and try logging in and playing again. If this doesn’t work either and you find no solution through all the above troubleshooting tips, consider an alternative operator from the page.

#10 Online casino account suspended or closed

Online casinos can suspend or close players’ accounts for several reasons. Some of them include the following:

  • Bonus code abuse
  • Using strategies to play games
  • Inactive for long periods
  • Rude to customer support
  • Joining an online casino via VPN
  • Having more than one casino account with the operator
  • Reversing real money deposits
  • Other suspicious activity

Generally, you should get accustomed to each operator’s terms and conditions before playing. Many rules are in place, and some might not even be fair or straightforward, like betting patterns or strategies.

If you are unsure why your account has been suspended or closed, you should contact the customer support team. There are good chances to get it back, but you should look for an alternative if you don’t have any real money there.

What do if our casino troubleshooting tips are not working

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5.0 works with several online casinos, and we know many are not worth your time. Laws in Australia make online gambling even more complicated, which is why we are trying to turn you toward solid operators.

If you join an online casino at random, you are more likely to face the abovementioned issues. You should use our tips to try and resolve them in such instances. Finding an operator with a great support department and various contact methods definitely help.

When our troubleshooting tips fail, you should pick another online casino. The listed brands are safe and regulated and offer players from Australia massive bonuses, numerous support channels, and a bug-free experience. You won’t face any issues playing there unless you are at fault.


Online casinos aren’t perfect, and many players break their rules without knowing. On top of that, online casinos in Australia might get banned or blocked, which can cause frustration to their users.

Finding a top online casino can help you avoid such issues. For already registered players, we have offered easy and quick solutions to most problems tied to online casinos. Bookmark this page and use the insights offered to avoid breaking any terms and conditions in the first place!

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