Sports Slots

We would probably have much more sports slots in our hands today, if sports betting and online pokies gaming weren’t competing with each other for the most players. Those two genres have been the most popular and they are commonly featured side by side on most online casinos.

Nonetheless, over the years there have been some attempts by slot game developers to capture the popular sports feel and turn them into a fun to play sports-themed slot game. How have they gone about this challenging task?

How do Sports Slots Look Like?

Each sport has a whole world of imagery surrounding it, making it extremely hard for a developer to pin it down into one game. Some symbols that are often used across sport slots is the sports gear, the balls, sport fans, tournament cups and popular athletes. Some sport slots might even focus entirely on a single sports celebrity.

The sports that have been turned into themed slots more often include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Cricket

How to Pick the Best Sports Themed Slot?

Picking a sport themed slot game is no different than picking any other slot. Take into account the RTP, the volatility, paylines, min/max bet and the bonuses of the game before you decide if you want to play it.

Nevertheless, if you are into playing sports themed slot games, it is paramount that you pick one that features a sport that you love.

The combination of the above two factors might as well result in one of the best slots sessions of your life. Check out other slots themes below:

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