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Our team at is all about gambling, and nothing slips our radar. This time, we will try and explain the information we found after going down the Telegram Casino rabbit hole.

If you haven’t heard of Telegram, officially known as Telegram Messenger, it is a chat platform that was launched in 2013 and provides an encrypted messaging experience. It’s available online and as an app for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS devices. The main service it provided was secure and private chatting, either through direct messages or in groups.

Several features have since been introduced in the Telegram app, including secret chats, channels, video and voice calls, bots, live streaming, emojis, and the telegraph. It’s a solid app for any of the above uses, and online casinos have also taken notice. They seem to follow on the steps of other big businesses, like Bloomberg, who have given up on Facebook and other social media platforms and moved to this app. Telegram has over 500 million active users today.

You might be wondering how online pokies, casino, sports betting, and gambling are tied with Telegram. Well, that’s what we will try to explain, since several users are picking up on this trend.

Telegram Online Casinos Unpacked

There are a few iGaming software distributors with dedicated content on Telegram. In our view, they create a lot of confusion around the topic for no reason. If you happen to visit or, you will feel like you can play pokies or bet on sports directly on Telegram. That’s not the case.

Those websites have created pages suggesting they power online casinos exclusive to Telegram, where users can bet on sports or play pokies from the app. Instead, they support marketing activities of online and mobile casinos on the Telegram app.

Misunderstanding what these software companies offer is easy, since they appear to do this on purpose. We had to go through several websites, Telegram gambling channels, and the app itself before we understood the reality of the situation.

Here is what we have discovered on this topic:

  • Telegram is being increasingly used by advertisers and online casinos as a platform for them to promote their services.
  • Players can find links that will take them directly to an online casino or pokies app through a few Telegram channels.
  • Channels like onlinecasinos_aus and are frequently visited by players searching for operators to join and casino bonuses.
  • You cannot play pokies directly on Telegram.
  • There is no sports betting site where you can bet through Telegram.
  • No online casino can be played directly through the Telegram app, but you can find links through which you can download apps by casino operators. They are often unsafe and can carry malware, though.

Benefits of Telegram Pokies Casinos

Telegram didn’t randomly become relevant to online casino companies and pokies sites looking to expand their player base. A few factors have led up to its increased popularity:

Twitch has recently announced that it will block live streaming of gambling activities from sites that are not licensed in the US. As a result, personalities like Drake who used to stream their gambling sessions have moved to Telegram.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook continually ban gambling sites that promote their activities naturally through their business profiles, so that they end up spending money for FB ads. In contrast, Telegram allows for automatic messaging through bots across several channels, allowing casino operators to reach millions of eyeballs without breaking the bank.

Offshore gambling sites are often kicked off the Google results because they are not licensed in certain jurisdictions. Such operators use Telegram groups to keep in touch with their player base and update them for new domain migrations, etc.

What Telegram Casinos Mean for Players

Indifferently to whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you won’t benefit by engaging with Telegram gambling threads. Even if you are already using the app to chat with your friends, coworkers, or family, bothering with Telegram pokies or sports betting is fruitless.

To give you a rough idea, most Telegram pokies, sports betting, and casino threads contain links to online casinos and sportsbooks without any information. As a result, you don’t know if an online casino found there is legal in your country, safe, or legit. Most likely, you would end up wasting your money on casinos found via the Telegram app.

A common thread we’ve noticed with Telegram Casinos is that they ask users to provide them their personal and banking details via the app, before sharing their account details, or a pin code, to be able to join the site. That’s very dodgy and backwards, contrasting the simple and secure online casino registration supported by legit gambling sites.

It’s a similar story with Reddit pokies and casinos, where anyone shares an opinion without justifying it or even sharing their real identity and credentials. Below, we explain where you can find real resources and how to go about playing online or mobile pokies.

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Unlike Telegram users, our team works in the iGaming industry for over a decade. You can find hundreds of pages dedicated to different gambling topics here, including the best online casinos you can play at. Users can even find free online pokies without downloading software or registering at Pokies.Bet.

Each online casino we promote is first reviewed by three members of our team, and verified across a set of factors. Most importantly, we check if the pokies site is legal and how fast it pays out winnings. The range of games, bonuses, compatibility, and other areas are also carefully considered and presented with evidence.

And since most gamblers visit Telegram to find no deposit pokies, we thought we’d share a few pages dedicated to this topic, where you can find casinos with exclusive welcome deals:


We first encountered the term Telegram Casino while reviewing q7ccc, an online casino which turned private and only accessible after registration through the Telegram chatroom. Unfortunately, our research didn’t bring up any fascinating innovations or a breakthrough to share with you.

The opposite. Gambling operators seem to use the unregulated nature of Telegram to lure new players or scam users. We urge you to take any information found there with a grain of salt, and double-checking all claims with our honest and extensive reviews.

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