Should You use a VPN to Play at Online Casinos in Australia?

By Mike Fatouros | Updated: May 24th, 2024

Many online casinos accept players from Australia today; however, several don’t yet, while gambling Down Under is not exactly legal.

Technology enables us to speak or have a video call with someone thousands of miles away, while we can even view any place live through Google Maps. The internet has also brought casinos to a new light, accessible from anywhere there is WiFi or 3G.

But as you might already know, online casinos are as safe as their licensing and regulatory bodies are. Australia has yet to legalize online gambling, which means no regulatory iGaming body.

Still, offshore gambling sites are within limits when using a VPN to sign-up, deposit, and play casino games or bet on sports. Playing pokies by masking your location through VPN has been common practice, but is it safe or even necessary today?

If you are based in Australia and feel frustrated that you must visit Crown Casino pokies in Melbourne or another physical location to play your favourite games legally, we have some news for you.

Spoofing your location through an internet proxy service like a VPN is not uncommon. It can help you join sites like, DraftKings, or 32Red, which do not usually accept Australian gamblers. But should you use a VPN to gamble online from Australia? Is it safe and legal?

Find out the answers to these and more pressing questions below.

VPN Online Casinos

VPN online casinos is the term used to describe players who use proxy to hide their location and join sites that do not normally accept gamblers from Australia. Some not on Gamstop casino sites even advertise within their terms and conditions that using a VPN to register and play online pokies on their platforms is acceptable. This has led to many misled inquiries, like best VPN and free VPN for online gambling, often tied to popular brands like and bet365. While retail casinos are widespread in Australia, online casinos are not yet regulated.

To be clear, using a VPN to gamble online from within Australia is not legal. However, the Government doesn’t punish those who perform such actions. Instead, nemesis comes from the VPN online casinos, who will accept your registration under a spoofed location and even your real money deposits. But when you land that big win and need to verify your casino account to then cash-out any winnings, you will not meet the KYC criteria and have your account restricted or banned, and all winnings will be voided.

Online Gambling in Australia with a VPN

So, what can you do if you are in Australia and want to gamble online? Is there a way to cash out real money while playing casino games through VPN? This is a fair and common question we will try and lay out for you.

Firstly, gambling in Australia or any other country where gambling is not allowed can be dangerous. Down Under, you will not face any recourse, though.

In Australia, there is a need for a VPN to gamble online only if you want to join an online casino that doesn’t accept Australians. Should you do that? No, since all online casinos impose a stringent KYC policy, where they verify your full name, home address, and bank account. Since you have spoofed your location through a VPN to gamble online at a restricted online casino, there is no way whatsoever to complete the casino KYC procedure. This means that all access, benefits, winnings, and your account as a whole will be closed, suspended, or deleted. Your name might be flagged, even restricting access to all associated casinos.

However, despite the prohibitive gambling laws in Australia, players can join multiple offshore gambling sites. These indicate that they accept players from Australia, and you could normally register, verify your account, play, and cash out real money there. Are they safe? Not all of them. However, we review all Australian online casinos to source you with the best, licensed by Curacao and powered by reputable gaming companies. You can even view some on this page, which won’t require you to spoof your location through a proxy or a VPN to play pokies.

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Can I use a VPN to Gamble Online from Australia?

Downloading a VPN to gamble online is simple. Few gambling sites are equipped with measures to see through solid VPNs like Cyberghost VPN, Express VPN, Surfshark VPN, Atlas VPN, or other top VPN providers.

But online casinos and regulatory bodies are aware that many players use VPNs to play online casino games on their platforms without being allowed to, which is why they have enabled an authentication procedure.

Using a VPN to avoid having your data tracked or viewing otherwise permitted websites is fine. Many people do it for security reasons or for work. You can even use a VPN and gamble online without any legal dangers, but you won’t be allowed to withdraw winnings or verify your account.

However, some sites like William Hill, Super Slots, Bovada, and support advanced geolocation and triangulation features that instantly spot players using VPN. You won’t even get a chance to view their products or register there.

Still, although it is mainly possible to use this trick and access the majority of restricted gambling sites from Australia, it will only hurt you if you spend money there. Even forums like Reddit and Quora had discussions on this topic, which ended in the same conclusion we did.

Opportunities & Dangers When Using VPN at Online Casinos

If you have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy, with free or paid features, to gamble online, it will not end well. We try to save you the effort, but there are a few things that it can help with. We already mentioned the dangers of using a VPN to play at an online casino, but we will offer the round-up below:

  • Allows you to view otherwise restricted websites, including online casinos
  • Can spoof your location and use the free features of an off-limits gambling site
  • Great to research online casinos legal in a location you are planning to visit
  • The only way to claim free bonuses and play at online casinos that do not accept Australians
  • Cannot verify account or cash-out winnings
  • Your account or IP address can be flagged
  • You might lose access even when you return to a legal casino country
  • Might end up playing on casinos saying they accept players using a VPN, which are scam artists and do not payout

Best VPNs for Online Gambling

The need for a VPN is unquestionable, indifferent of whether you want to use it to gamble online. These advanced technological tools can grant access to websites or features essential for working from another country or watching a Netflix series that is unavailable in the Australian version.

Using a VPN for the above is perfectly fine, but no matter how good a VPN is, it won’t produce fake documents to help you verify an otherwise restricted casino account. This means you will not be allowed to win money, even if you manage to play and win at an online casino that is not legal in Australia.

With 1,000+ online casinos accepting players from Australia without requiring a VPN, there is simply no reason to use one. However, the following are rated as the best for encrypting your location and helping you gamble online, although they won’t do you any good in the long run:

Best VPNs for Online Gambling logos
  • NordVPN
  • Norton VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Private VPN
  • IPVanish

All the above support free, trial, and paid versions with advanced spoofing features.

How to Gamble Online in Australia with a VPN

Using a VPN is extremely simple, but you should not do so to play pokies online:

  1. Pick one of the top VPNs highlighted on this page.
  2. Clear your cookies and download the VPN or install it in your browser. Both support the same features.
  3. Pick a VPN server location from the options. Free versions support three to five locations in most cases.
  4. View the previously restricted content freely.
  5. Any issues or limited access despite using a VPN can be resolved by contacting the customer support team or changing the protocol settings.

Safer Ways to Play at Online Casinos from Australia

We have laid the case for using a VPN to gamble online in Australia, and there is no real benefit from doing so. Other than viewing restricted casino sites and their services, it won’t help.

Instead, players from Australia should visit legit gambling sites that accept them. This detail can be spotted in the terms and conditions under the clause linked to restricted countries. For ease, we have listed the best Aussie casinos that will happily accept you and even add a bonus to your account after registration or your first deposit.

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How does a VPN operate?

A VPN works by routing the user’s internet connection through the selected private server. This is done instead of allowing you to access the online content via your normal internet service provider. Simply put, the VPN hides your computer’s details and uses a random internet server. Any VPN acts as an intermediary for your IP when using the internet to protect your identity.

Is it illegal to use a VPN for online gambling?

There is no law or standard practice for those using VPN to access blocked content in Australia. However, companies or casinos can block future access or blacklist your IP if they find out.

Are there VPN alternatives to gamble online?

The alternative is to select legal online casinos that accept players from your country, province, or state. Traveling to the nearest online casino, playing social casino games, or visiting a country where online gambling sites are legal are other ways to gamble online without a VPN.

Why can’t I join an online casino?

Each online casino is available in selected states. If you cannot join it, then it means that you are now allowed to play there. Alternatively, you might provide the wrong details, like age or address.

Can I play online poker with a VPN?

Yes, but if the casino is restricted in Australia, you will not be able to verify your identity to withdraw any winnings. Real money poker games are available at Aussie-friendly casinos, though.

Can I play casino games in Australia?

Although online casinos are not legal or regulated in Australia, offshore gambling sites licensed by Curacao are allowed to operate in this market. Wazamba Casino7Signs5GringosGolden Crown, and Sky Crown are great sites that fall within this category.

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