10 Pokies Tips to Play and Win

Pokies have been popular for many years now, and this has obviously resulted in players discussing their personal success stories on the Internet. We have stumbled upon them, as you have likely too. To be completely honest, most of the pokies strategies and tips to win going around are inaccurate and even misleading at times. Some used to work in land-based casinos, but there are no winning strategies that apply to the best online casinos. Or, are there?

Pokies Strategies and Tips from Pokies.bet Experts

  • Research the RTP
  • Consider volatility
  • Bet on all paylines
  • Optimize your bet size
  • Research pokies special features
  • Never chase wins
  • Practice and research
  • Set a bankroll
  • Avoid rookie errors
  • Carefully assess pokies bonuses

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Avoid Pokies Tips on the Internet (Yea, Right)

Most of the tips that are going around on the Internet are ludicrous. For instance:

  • Have a stable Internet connection when you play pokies.
  • Find licensed casinos.
  • Do not play more money than you can afford.

If you have spent time reading these ‘strategies’, we feel sorry for you. Now, let us run you through a few truly useful pokies tips and strategies, which you can employ and stand a better chance to win some money at online casinos even with $20 or $30 in your balance.

Tip 1:🕵 Research the Pokies Return to Player Rate (RTP)

The first factor that you should consider when considering which slot machine to play should be the RTP. Online pokies released after 2010 usually have an RTP of 95% or over, except with jackpot slots which tend to be around 88% – 90%.

The return to player rate indicates the house edge of the online casino over the players. For example, pokies with 96% RTP suggest that in $100 that you play, you will lose $4. However, the RTP does not operate in such a simplistic way. On average, the payout rate will show across 1,000,000 spins in the same game; so, if you are going to play $50, it does not mean that the casino will necessarily win.

Why does the RTP matter then? This metric is a good indicator of what to expect going into a game, which is also tested by independent bodies if you play on legal casinos. We would suggest playing online slots with 97% RTP or over, since these are not that hard to find.

Tip 2:⚡ Pick Games with Volatility Levels that Match your Expectations

Volatility, for those that are unaware, is another very important metric in slots; this is determined by the software providers, just like the RTP, since it is defined by the gameplay design of the game. Pokies machines are categorized as low, medium, or high volatility games; this can be done in a scale of 1/3, 1/5, 1/10 or even in 1/100. Different providers employ their own measures to highlight the volatility of slots in the most accurate way.

Low volatility means that the slot will pay relatively often, but the wins will be rather small. The opposite is true for high volatility slots, which pay out less often but lucrative rewards. Knowing this in advance, allows you to select games according to your bankroll and expectations; long losing streaks are usually encountered on very volatile games, but this usually suggests that the upcoming win will be pretty large. The volatility and the RTP are not affecting each other, so you should consider these two factors separately.

Tip 3:💰Use Coins to bet on all Paylines

A common way that pokies are distinguished are those that employ coins vs those who accept cash bets. Slot machines that allow for the bets to be placed through coins are better, even though they can be confusing at first, since they allow players to activate more paylines with the same cost.

So, let us assume that you would bet $1 on a single payline. Now, you will need to match at least 3 symbols on a single row, which we know how hard it is. On the other hand, by breaking down the $1 into 100 different coins, you could be betting on a 100 active paylines.

In the latter example, the payouts are lower for every single payline, but the potential chances of winning regularly are significantly higher. Same is also true for the possible amount of total winnings when employing this strategy, as you could land multiple winning combinations on various paylines – accumulating a much larger sum that you could ever win from a singular payline bet. 

Tip 4:🔢Optimize your Bet Size

Online pokies tend to often employ their maximum possible bet amount per spin as a unique selling point. The reason behind this is that the largest the available bets, the highest the potential rewards. Even when we are not including jackpot slots, some online slots that accept $500 or $700 bet per spin could pay out prizes close to $1 million.

Does this mean that you should employ max bet when playing? Well, it depends. If you are purely after a big win to complete your gaming session, then this might be the best strategy. However, betting the maximum amount is almost out of reach for most players. Still, if you can afford a single $5 bet, prefer it from 5 x $1 bets. Your session is going to be much shorter, but the chances of landing a huge win and taking the prize home increases massively this way.

A universal tip that we can provide you in relation to your bet size, is to use 1 – 3% of your total bankroll on each spin. Thus, if you have $100 in your balance, do not bet over $3 per round in pokies.

Tip 5:🎰Assess Pokies Bonus Features & Odds of Winning

This casino game has evolved a lot since the classic slot machine became a hit. 3×3 reels used to be the standard game format between the 1970s – 2000s, but video slots are rather complicated today. Free spins, multipliers, sticky wilds, expanding wilds, multiple scatters and bonus games have truly revolutionized pokies machines. Remember though, that this does not mean that you complicated games do not guarantee higher wins.

If you paid attention above, you must have realized that complicated games that payout more often fall under the low volatility group, which usually payout smaller wins. A classic slot, or a slot machine that maintains that format, is more likely to payout higher wins at once. Still, there are some video slots with complicated bonus rounds that still pay out big chunks of money; notable examples are Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, Bonanza, and White Rabbit. But the above are just the exception to the rule.

Tip 6:🏆Never Chase Wins

Many of us have fallen into the trap of continually betting or re-adding funds to our casino accounts so that we chase that big win that has not landed yet. This is a bad idea, even if you are aware of, and calculating all of the above metrics.

The RTP and the volatility are merely statistics, but they do not guarantee that they will prove accurate within a gaming session. So, when you have spent a considerable amount of funds or you depleted your whole bankroll without landing a single win, do not assume that the big win is just around the corner. Take the loss, accept that it is not your lucky day, and quit this once promising online slot selection.

Tip 7:👌Research and Practice Beforehand

The RTP and the volatility are the two most important aspects that you should be looking into before playing a game. Nevertheless, it is also important to check the bet levels, bonus rounds, graphics, and overall gameplay of a pokies machine before you place real money bets on it.

There are a few different ways to find all this information; start by typing your enquiry in google. If this does not provide the results you expected, you can then visit directly the software provider’s website. Reviews of online pokies will shed some light into the aspects that are not apparent on the developer’s website.

If what you have read highlights that this online slot might be the right choice for you, then it would be a good idea to have a go at it through the demo version. This can be done on our site or through the developers’ website, while some online casinos offer the ‘Play for Fun’ option too. Playing demo slots won’t result in any real money wins but will indeed help you realize if this online pokies game is what you expected it to be.

Tip 8:✅Set a Bankroll & End-Goals

Bankroll is a rather official term for the word budget. However, the substance of this tip has the same value indifferently to the term employed. Setting a budget before you start betting will allow you to do the following:

  • Set a betting strategy that you can carry on throughout your gaming session.
  • Decide on bet levels and slots that you can afford beforehand.
  • By selecting the correct game, the potential wins are more likely to be close to your expectations.
  • You will not exceed your personal financial limits.
  • You will be able to play for as long as you expected to, by betting according to your total budget.

Tip 9:🤦Avoid These Pokies Traps

When conducting research on the Internet, you will often notice a few other metrics going around regarding slots:

  • Hit rate
  • Bonus trigger rate
  • Progressive pots payout average time
  • Progressive jackpot average sum payout

These metrics are not released by the developers, neither through official gambling bodies – as the volatility and the RTP of pokies machines are. In contrast, players pick a free pokies site and employ the demo version to come up with these metrics. When it comes to the jackpots, the research data are usually taken from 10 online casinos, rather from 5,000; the latter might be an accurate indicator, but none actually takes the research to such lengths and this is why you should not trust these figures.

Likewise, a feature that we are completely against is the bonus buy function. This allows punters to pay a high amount to trigger the bonus round instantly. This should not be avoided just so that players experience the slot machine more realistically, but also because it is not beneficial for them. Why? The cost to automatically trigger the bonus is based on the RTP of the game and its volatility, which are always against the player and in favor of the house; to win money from online slots, you will need to get lucky and the bonus buy feature is not the outcome of luck.

Tip 10:🙈Do not Blindly Claim Pokies Bonuses

The last tip, which is a more complicated one, is related to online casinos in general, rather on the mechanics of pokies. Casino bonuses are widespread, as a way to attract new players at Aussie casinos. However, not all bonuses are created equally, and we are not referring to the sum of money or free spins these reward.

Before you opt in for a bonus, try to identify one that applies to the pokies machine you are planning to bet on. If you manage to spot that, then you should look for wagering requirements that do not exceed x30. Bonuses with more than this playthrough conditions should be avoided, as they will require you to play for a prolonged time to meet the terms – deconstructing any pokies strategy that you might have. And lastly, ensure that the Terms and Conditions of the bonus apply on the bonus funds only, and not on the deposited funds too.

Pokies Tips & Strategies Summary

Right. We do not promise a 100% winning chances even if you employ all of the above pokies tips; the opposite is rather more probable, since the house edge is always apparent in casino games. Nonetheless, by applying the above tips, you will be in a position of power – by knowing how to select the games and how high or low to set your expectations.

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