How to Win at the Casino with $20: Strategies & Tips

By Mike Fatouros | Updated: June 19th, 2024

Players in Australia won’t need much more than $20 to win at the casino. Physical casinos often have higher ticket requirements just to get past the door, but the situation is entirely different with online casinos. A twenty-dollar bill is more than enough to win when playing at the casino online, as long as you know the best sites and casino games to play.

This guide will show you how to make the most of little money at the casino, stretching your bankroll for days with solid chances of winning while playing at a casino with just $20. Look out for our tips, strategies, bonuses, and top gambling options when on a tight budget.

How To Play & Win at The Casino with Just $20

There is no way to remove the element of luck when playing at the casino, indifferently of whether you are playing with $20 or $2,000. There are ways to stand better chances of winning, which we will share with you below. Our seven tips should be your go-to checklist when playing at the casino with little money:

✅ #1 Identify Low Entry Casino Bonuses

Why go to the casino with $20 when you can turn your bankroll into $40 or $60 without investing anything more? That’s what the best online casinos in Australia can do for you, as long as you sign up for decent casino bonuses.

A 100% deposit bonus will make your $20 $40, while a 200% deposit bonus will instead turn your balance into $60. Our listed operators support even higher casino bonuses, available after a $20 minimum casino deposit. There are wagering requirements when you opt-in for offers, but your winning chances will increase exponentially.

✅ #2 Learn Your Betting Options

You would be mistaken to assume you cannot play many casino games just because you play with $20. The reality is that all online casino games start with bets at $0.10 – $1 at minimum, increasing to massive amounts. The availability of higher bets doesn’t mean you cannot have a lucky roll when playing with $20.

For example, if you play penny slots with as little as $0.01 per spin, you could have 2,000 real money spins before your twenty-dollar bill runs out. But even with games with higher entry costs like poker, your winning odds are near 50/50 per round – more than enough to have plenty of winning opportunities while playing with $20.

✅ #3 Identify The Aspects Affecting Your Winning Chances

Each casino game is available in different variations online, providing different rules, RTP, payouts, and side bets. For instance, a poker game can offer as low as 0.50% house edge and another 10%. The latter would mean that chances are you will be losing $2 when betting $20, quickly draining your little money investment.

Knowing the games with the best odds for you can ensure your $20 is put to good use, with great potential of making money at the casino. The RTP and house edge are essential aspects. Still, they are not the only areas to consider – volatility (how risky a game is) and maximum win (how much they can pay in a single round) are two other factors that can determine how your gaming session will go and what’s the most you can win when playing with $20.

✅ #4 Practice Before Playing With Money

When I first visited my local casino with $20, I lost everything in a single roulette round. I used $1 chips x15 on straight bets and $5 on black. I was out of money until I realized how risky this strategy was.

This doesn’t have to be the case with you since online casinos offer some great features to players. The free demo is just one of these, allowing you to practice, test strategies, and learn how to play at the casino without wasting any real money.

✅ #5 Stick To The Games You Know

Having $20 to spare is not enough to try out new casino games. It takes several rounds and money to understand how each game is played, especially when wagering on table games or live dealer games. If you are familiar with a specific card game or pokie, you should make the most of your previous experience by using the total reach of your bankroll, hoping a big win will come.

✅ #6 Bet Lower Coin Denominations

Despite covering statistics to a great extent throughout our previous tips for going to the casino with $20, these don’t mean much if you play a handful of rounds. It is paramount to bet small amounts when on a tight bankroll.

This can be done by betting fewer coins per payline (but still activating all lines) or using chips with lower values. Using smaller bet denominations won’t affect your strategy. It will just help you play more rounds, increasing the chances that the house edge will become a reality.

✅ #7 Learn From The Best

The fact that blackjack cheat sheets, pokies reviews, roulette systems, and poker strategies are widely available online doesn’t mean they are not worth your time. Take, for instance, this guide. We provide seven winning tips for going with the casino with $20. Why not use other online resources, like blogs on the best RTP slots or no deposit bonus codes in Australia, to increase your winning chances?

Depending on the game you fancy playing, a strategy or guidebook will provide you with the essentials to win indifferently to how much money you can gamble. A simple google search can get you all the help you need.

Best Online Casinos to Play with Little Money

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There are far too many online casinos in Australia. A $20 minimum deposit is not enough to help you search for the best manually, so you should rely on our tips. The above list highlights the best online casinos to play with $20 due to these crucial features:

  • Accept $20 minimum casino deposits
  • Provide free games
  • Offer bonuses for new players who deposit $20 or more
  • Feature an extensive list of games suitable for low rollers
  • Accept players from Australia
  • Carry an official license, ensuring you are safe while playing online

From the lot, your odds of winning will be much higher with these online casinos, which are friendly to players who don’t want to gamble too much.

Casino Games to Play With $20 And Win

You can play any real money games at the casino for $20, but you should prefer those with high RTP and low volatility that support low minimum bets. Players looking for the secret to winning at casino games without gambling too much should look at the following table:

CategoryAverage RTPBest VariantsMinimum Stakes
Online Pokies97%Blood Suckers 2, White Rabbit Megaways, Guns n Roses$0.10 / $0.20
Online Roulette97.50%French Roulette, European Roulette, Diamond Roulette$1 inside bets / $5 outside bets
Online Blackjack99.50%American Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, 21 Pirate$1
Video Poker Games99%Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Oasis Poker$1
Live Dealer Games97.50%Lightning Roulette, First Person Craps, Live Baccarat$1 inside bets / $5 or $10 outside bets
Live Game Shows96.50%Cash or Crash, Dream Catcher, Sweet Bonanza Candyland$1

Each variant might support different strategies but is the best in odds and betting flexibility.

How To Make the Most at The Casino with Little Money?

We did expand on the secrets for winning at the casino with $20, as well as the games that can help you get the most out of your gambling endeavors. Below, we provide a quick recap, adding each of our strategies in the order you must follow them:

  1. Choose the right online casino to play
  2. Identify the minimum deposit requirements, ensuring they match your $20
  3. Sign up and read any terms and conditions associated with the welcome bonus
  4. Always claim the available bonus when playing at the casino for the first time
  5. Research the games with the best odds and stake limits
  6. Practice in demo mode
  7. Switch to real money, and adjust the stakes to the minimum – without leaving out any paylines or high-value side bets
  8. Bet three times and stop
  9. If you did not win anything, consider spinning three more times or switching to another game
  10. Continue with the 3-6 spins strategy until you land a big win or lose

Remember not to get carried away, especially if you did not plan to spend over $20. Always gamble responsibly and within your limits.

Benefits & Drawbacks Of Gambling with Little Money

There is nothing wrong with going to the casino with $20 or $40, but being a low or a high roller is associated with specific traits. Some are positive, and others not so much.

  • Responsible gambling
  • Can still play most real money games
  • Still available no deposit offers
  • Most legit casinos accept $20 minimum deposits
  • Can win big with 25,000x game multipliers

Off You Go to The Casino with A Low Budget!

Online gambling has evolved dramatically in the past twenty years, as far as to have great chances of winning at the casino with $20 or less. Some of our recommended casino sites accept even lower deposits, with the same tips helping you make the most out of your betting sessions.

Players going to the casino through our links can win a lot just by depositing $20 to their accounts, enough to play any of the games with the best odds of winning.


Which is the best game to play at the casino to win money?

The best casino games to play for real money are those with the highest RTP or lowest house edge. These games provide better chances in the long run, although these metrics will make little difference when playing with $20. The hit rate, payouts, and volatility are other aspects you can consider to find the best game to play at the casino and win money.

When is the best time to go to the casino to win?

The time you are playing casino games will not affect your winning chances since a random number generator determines all outcomes. However, playing when daily jackpots have not yet paid out or when a casino is busy (Friday nights and weekends) will increase the likelihood of landing more frequent wins.

How to win at the casino with little money?

There are several ways, which we discussed above, to win with a limited bankroll at the casino. Claiming bonuses, practicing, placing small bets on games with good payouts, and using strategies can help win at the casino even when playing with 20 dollars.

Is it easier to win at the casino with $40 or $20?

The chances of winning are indifferent to whether you are playing at a casino with $20 or $40. All gambling activities are determined by luck in the form of RTP, and all strategies and tips will only slightly increase the likelihood of winning. The only difference when playing with $40 is that you will have more time for Lady Luck to knock on your door.

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