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As we were conducting our job, striving to find the best casinos for players in Australia and other countries– we bumped into a few casinos that really concerned us; ‘Not on Gamstop Casinos’ seem to be a very sketchy group of casinos, which corporate with each other to target players who are trying to abstain from online gambling activities due to control and addiction issues. 

This group, to our surprise, consists of a very long list of online casinos, which promote themselves by establishing ‘independent platforms’ that appear to be reliable and objective; then, through these platforms they acquire players who have been searching online for terms related to not on Gamstop casinos. So, we created this page with two goals in mind:

  1. Research different not on Gamstop casino platforms, gather data about them and present them to you so that you acquire a truly independent snapshot of what such online casinos offer – rather claim to offer.
  2. Compete with the affiliated platforms that advertise these not on Gamestop casinos, so that readers bump into an objective source before depositing their money on such platforms.

We will be addressing this topic from various angles, while starting off with a more informational approach to bring everyone on the same page on this issue. Here is what you can find on this page:

  • What is Gamstop and how it works.
  • Features of casinos not registered on Gamstop.
  • Official gambling bodies that you can trust.
  • Rogue casinos.
  • Games you can play on non Gamstop casinos and their issues.
  • Best casinos not on Gamstop, including player reviews.

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a trusted body apparent in the United Kingdom, which provides players the opportunity to exclude themselves from the registered Gamstop casinos. Over 200 gambling companies, with some names being behind over 30 casinos in a few instances, are registered with Gamstop. Some of the names within the Gamstop casinos include:

  • 888 casino
  • 32red casino
  • Bet365

The footprint of these brands illustrates that each respected casino would not even think twice about registering with Gamstop. Online casinos licensed through the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) tend to be amongst the most rigorously monitored platforms regarding their online practices. As part of their services, it is reasonable to provide players multiple safety nets due to the established reality that gambling can indeed be addictive.

How Gamstop Works

So, it is true that most legal casino platforms tend to provide a way to their players to restrict their online gambling activities, even without going as far as self-banning through Gamstop. Such measures include:

  • Daily gambling limits
  • Monthly limits
  • Exclusion from a particular casino

Obviously, there are further safeguards for online casino players, but these are the key features that players can voluntarily employ to restrict themselves. However, as we touched upon already, most legal UK-based online casinos feature Gamstop on their platforms – so that they provide players with a more comprehensive solution. Gamstop allows users to:

  • Exclude themselves from all Gamstop casinos for a chosen period (up to a lifetime).
  • Talk to advisors and find help on how to treat their gambling addiction problems. Gamstop works in alignment with GamCare for that purpose.
  • Remove their self-exclusion after discussing with a Gamstop advisor.

In 2020, Gamstop reported that the 50,000 self-exclusions mark was reached amongst UK women; this highlights that not on Gamstop casinos could have a potentially large audience.

Are not on Gamstop Casinos Popular?

No, casinos not on Gamstop are not popular, but they have figured a great way to still find thousands of players and scam them. So, these brands are not strong in terms of individual brand activity, as very few people search the not on Gamstop brand names. This, however, is their ultimate goal; remain under the radar by not marketing themselves as individual casinos. As we found out, they do not employ any individual marketing activity, such as paid advertising, or organic marketing.

Nonetheless, the alliance of so many sites provides them with the opportunity to build various websites to try to get customers through them. So, to calculate how many people could end up on one of these casinos from the UK, we checked Ahref’s for some data:

Search KeywordSearches on Google per month (April 2021, Ahrefs)
Casinos not on Gamstop4700
Sites not on Gamstop1300
Gambling sites not on Gamstop1100
Casino not on Gamstop600

What scared us is not the amount of people that search for these sites, as players who are addicted would eventually succumb to their addition and try to find a way to play. The concerning thing is that all the google search results in the first page are linked to these scam sites, presenting them as legitimate places to trust and play on. Websites that you should not trust, as they are part of this not on Gamstop casino group include:


All the above related keywords present these same results when typed in Google Search Engine. All these sites, we suspect, are owned by the same team with main goal to supply players to their illegal and unsafe platforms. Unlike other affiliate sites within the gambling industry, these sites only have a small amount of webpages, all related to non Gamstop casino sites.

Types of Sites Not Registered on Gamstop

One might wonder after reading the above, why we stand so against not on Gamstop casinos. The obvious reason, up to this point of our page, seems to be the ethical side of things, as these sites target gambling addicts. But that is not all. We will present below the features that these online casino sites seem to have and what they actually offer.

Features not-on-Gamstop casinos presentWhat not-on-Gamstop casinos offer in reality
Curacao LicenseUnlicensed, as it became evident by cross-checking with the relevant authority.
2,000+ casino games from multiple software providersPirate games of the original games, which reflect the same gameplay experience.
Fair and TransparentAs their games are pirated versions, there is not guarantee that RNG and RTP measures are set in place.
Various BonusesThe bonuses are indeed impressive, but by reading the General Terms & Conditions, a player would easily notice that there are so many transactional limits apparent, making it impossible to make sustainable profit.
Customer SupportThe customer support is apparent, but they will not offer actual services, rather than excuses to delay players from realizing the actual status of these platforms.
Safe and Easy to Use Payment GatewaysPayments to not on Gamstop Casinos do not even take place to the some company, rather multiple bank accounts scattered in different countries.
SecurityThese online casinos tend to be nicely designed, with clear attention to detail – but in terms of services, they are practically useless.

Legit Casino Licensing Gambling Bodies

Non-Gamstop casinos are all claiming to be licensed through the Government of Curacao, but by getting in touch with the respective authority is enough to realise that their claim is false. Still, it is important for all casino players to be aware of the governing bodies in the iGaming industry, which conduct checks to ensure that a fair gaming experience is offered.

Trusted Gambling Bodies in 2021

Players can find information about the license a casino carries at the bottom of its homepage; all legal websites must offer their operating number there. If you cannot locate it, then it is likely that the online casino does not carry a license. The most well-known iGaming licensed are:

United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) – one of the first official gambling bodies, which still imposes some of the closest checks and balances to online casinos that operate in the United Kingdom.

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – an equally reputable iGaming authority, the MGA seal of approval is one that is not issued lightly. Games’ transparency and responsible gambling are always monitored closely on all MGA casinos.

Gibraltar Betting & Gaming Association (GBGA) – this regulatory body follows similar regulations and checks with the UKGC, as they operate in accordance to the same legislation (Gambling Act 2005).

Curacao eGaming – this is pretty much the oldest licensing operator, issuing permits to online casino since 1996. A Curacao license opens the door to pretty much every country in the world, while also covering various types of games, including lottery and sports.

Some lesser known gambling licenses include:

  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission
  • Dutch Gaming Authority

Non-regulated Casinos in the UK

Not on Gamstop casinos do not carry any of the above licenses, as they would then need to adhere to the rules set by the respective authorities. Not complying with these rules results in loss of license and therefore discontinuation of the online casino.

At this point, you might be wondering why it is important if a casino is licensed or not?

Although you might not care particularly about whether an online casino platform pays taxes and follows your country’s regulations, these regulations are what establish a contractual and mutually beneficial relationship between the casino and the players. When a casino is licensed, you will not have to worry about:

  • Getting paid when win money.
  • Unfair practices, such as hidden regulations which aim to restrict players’ winnings.
  • Fair use of the games, as designed by their developers originally.
  • Personal and banking information leaks.
  • Having a mediator when issuing a complaint about the casino.

Even if you win fairly and do all the right things, when playing at a not regulated casino platform this might not make any difference. These platforms got nothing to lose if they refuse to payout a winning player, so why would they do that?

Rogue Casinos

To protect players, many sites, like this one, establish blacklists to warn players about signing up on unlicensed casinos. These often go by the title ‘rogue casinos’. There are various reasons that one casino can be classified as rogue:

  • Unlicensed Casinos
  • Fake or Pirated Games
  • Unfair use of RNG
  • Sneaky Terms & Conditions
  • Repeated Unfair Practices
  • Very Long Payment Processing Times

All not-on Gamstop casinos are falling under this category, not just because they break one of the above rules – but pretty much every single one of them.

What Games can you Play on non-Gamstop Casinos

What draws many players to unregulated casinos is not just their ability to sign up even if they have requested to get banned; unregulated casinos sites are also capable to offer access to pretty much any game they want.

As not-on Gamstop casinos do not have to go through the legal and normal means to acquire licensed, official games – they just employ pirated versions of any game they want. Players can find any of the following game types on not regulated casinos:

These casino platforms merely have to copy the software of the original game and tweak their operating system to make it work in their favour. All aspects of the above games, such as randomness, return to player, volatility, and so on become pretty much meaningless in their pirated version. Still, they operate as a great incentive for new, unsuspected players to sign up on rogue casinos who will steal their money.

Best Casinos Not on Gamstop 2021

Taking into account the urge that punters from the UK, who have self-excluded themselves from gambling, might feel – we checked the various not on Gamstop casinos to try to find the least sketchy one amongst them for you:

  • Vegas Wild Casino – RTG Casino
  • MyStake Casino – Solid Casino eCuracao Gambling License
  • Rolleto – Great Game Selection, eCuracao License
  • Cocoa Casino – Rival Software

These are definitely not the best casinos to play in 2021, but players who have restricted their iGaming options by self-excluding themselves could enjoy a decent gambling experience in one of the above sites.

They payout winnings, they employ the official software of games, and they are licensed through one gambling body at least.

Still, as they are open to the UK without an official UKGC license, they still face the potential of being shutdown by the UK gambling authorities. We urge you to play with caution if you decide to deposit funds on one of these platforms.

Player reviews of not on Gamstop Sites

To highlight the extend of the unfair activity involved by the not on Gamstop sites promoted by many casino-related affiliate websites, we included one of the various players’ reviews posted as a response to their gaming activity to these platforms.

Very Well Casino

‘’They scammed me out of 100 took from bank but not put in account…and they charged me 73 quid twice for a 40 euro deposit. They are scum of the earth avoid at all costs’’.

Cyber Casino 3077

‘’I deposited £200, and it didn’t show in the casino. It’s clearly a common problem as their contact option (email only via form) has an actual missing deposit option. Its now been over a week since I sent in my proof of deposit and I now get no replies to my emails acknowledging them. I fear I have lost my £200. I am disgusted with this casino.’’

Royal Oak Casino

‘’They find a new excuse to delay the withdrawal process. Always add a new excuse on. They keep doing it so you will cancel the withdrawal and play your winnings. It’s so bad. You can tell they want you to not withdraw.’’

Jackpot Charm Casino

‘’This place is a joke I had a 1000 pounds in my account and started saying I need a passport all off a sudden. Baring in mind I’ve withdrew 4 times before. I’ve just ordered a passport and would be ages before I could withdraw the 1000 I lost my patience so I just spent the money in my account. I hope they burn too the ground. I will wait for my gamstop too expire. Places like this will pay karma karma karma is coming.’’

Crazy Star Casino

‘’I have won 25k on live roulette from €400, i have handed in all i.d and selfies and now tbeyve locked my account for no reason. Everyday they tell me wait for the technical team to email you.

Tbey tried telling visa is down and i should join an e-wallet account.

Has anyone ever been paid by this site?’’

The Red Lion Casino

‘’Has anyone actually managed to get a successful withdrawal off this casino, or even got as far as getting there account verified?I’ve turned £25 into £800 on the sportsbook but they are refusing to verify my account so I cant withdraw, obviously reading these reviews this is no real surprise. Numerous emails sent requesting info on what is actually happening with the account. Get the odd one back but with no real substance and never really answers the question so I have to email back and start the whole process again. Presuming they only deal in deposits and not withdrawals 😳’’

Play at Harrys Casino

‘’ The worst casino site ever.

Unfortunately being a compulsive gambler and having blocked myself from the majority of casino websites I had the misfortune of being able to set up an account with these con artists. I have now sent 4 emails asking to be self excluded have never received as much as a word of response and can currently deposit whatever amount I wish. No self exclusion, deposit limit function on their website so all I can say is they are preying on the misfortunes of problem gamblers. I will be contacting the gambling commission to advise of this as surely this is an illegal practice they are operating.


CasoBet Casino

‘’Do not use this casino, I have wagered 35x on the bonus they forced on me, i read through the terms and conditions looking at every detail, I have tried contacting them to explain why I can’t withdraw any of my £5800 winnings, every withdrawal I make, keeps getting rejected and I’ve had no reply or reason for this, absolutely disgusting behaviour from this casino business.
I hope Karma plays a part here.’’

BetFlip Casino

‘’Upon looking at this casino at a glance one would think its a quality, content filled operation, but its far from the reality. The casino is a scam operation, that hides behind bonuses to deny you the ability to withdraw.

After a few minutes of trying to play various slots with my XRP funds I deposited, I realised that half the slots either didn’t work correctly or just failed to connect to the site to load. Some slots would inform me I had no balance even though, I had clearly that balance displayed within the actual slot and my account header.

It was at this point I decided the casino wasn’t so worthy of my time that I decided to cut my losses and withdraw my crypto, cue further problems and roadblocks.

I could not withdraw, the site claiming I had an active bonus when none were showing in my account, nor had I accepted any bonuses upon joining the site.

I asked support what was going on:

Me: I’m trying to withdraw my XRP balance, I no longer want to play with this casino, why am I getting Active Bonus error when I try to do this? Ive never taken any bonuses on this site?

Tomas: Let me check

Tomas: You have an active deposit bonus on your account. When you wager the amount you can make a withdrawal request. on casino the wagering is (deposit+bonus)x45 on sports (deposit+bonus)x15

I told them I had no such bonuses attributed to my account and showed them a screenshot of my account area.

Me: No I do not, look at this. I’ve never accepted a bonus from you, or asked for one.

Tomas: You can not see because your account is not verify via email

Tomas: You received a deposit bonus which is a part of welcome package for new players. Welcome package consists of deposit bonuses on first 10 deposits. It is added automatically by the system and can’t be cancelled unless wagered.

So there you have it, this companies policy and gameplan is just that, claim you have an active bonus on your account even when it doesn’t actually exist or been accepted by you. Then deny you your withdrawal because of this reason.

Please steer well clear, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I learned the hard way, and luckily it was only a small deposit.

Don’t get scammed by these people.’’

Agent Spins Casino

‘’The casino accepted deposits of more than 400 euros from me. At some point I got lucky and won 500 euros. I ordered a withdrawal on November 27th. Today is December 21st and I still haven’t received my money. They gave me promises to pay within 3 weeks. Today I received a letter that they cannot pay me and they are closing my account.’’

Why Gamstop is Crucial in the Online Gambling Industry

With so many people suffering in 2021 from online gambling addiction, there is no question about whether private or publicly owned bodies, such as Gamstop, that protect and assist gamblers should exist.

The instant accessibility to gambling from anywhere, thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, highlight the crucial for support and help to those individuals who cannot separate fun from compulsion.

Nonetheless, as highlighted in this piece, the regulation of the online gambling activity does not equate 100% protection. Firstly, a site that is not part of Gamstop will still be reachable by players who have attempted to self-exclude themselves; this is bad enough even when the not on Gamstop casino is legal, but more so when hacks and fraudulent businesses exploit regulations so they can profit by people who are too addicted to calculate risks.

In essence, in the case of this particular topic, iGaming regulations seem to create opportunities for the worst online casinos to acquire the least constraint players, who are likely to spend huge amounts of money, as they are stripped of the ability to set limits to their gambling activities.

*Disclaimer: We have removed all hyperlinks from the sites mentioned in this article, so that we do not provide them with further power in terms of their standing in the Google Search Engine results.

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