The lucky ones of July: Heartwarming stories of Aussies success in the lottery

By Mike Fatouros | Updated: February 24th, 2023

You know how they say: “life is a lottery you’ve already won. But most people have not cashed their tickets.”

Well, this is a story of people who have definitely won the lottery of life. And not only in life. Literally, they won the lottery. And these stories could make even the grumpy cat grasp a smile. 

Instant $150,000 win ends with a trip around Australia

A West Hobart pensioner is thrilled to swap his home for a house on wheels and cruise around Australia after winning a top prize of $150,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

The lucky $10 Jumbo Crosswords Instant Scratch-Its ticket was bought at West Hobart Express, 12 Hill Street, West Hobart. 

The Tasmanian man revealed that despite the fact he was a loyal Instant Scratch-Its player, he never dreamed of winning $150,000. 

“I am going to get myself a caravan and travel around Australia! And once I am done travelling, I will live in it.”  the pensioner stated confidently.

Owners of West Hobart Express Tony and Mary Kakkos told they couldn’t be more excited for such a win.

The win is exciting, but what’s even more concerning is how you’re going to use your prize. Well, we can definitely see an interesting one coming!

After five weeks of jackpotting: epic $50 million!

Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw has sailed to its most fabulous prize of 2020, daring Aussies to picture what they’d do if $50 million quickly landed in their bank account. 

As for now in 2020, there have been nine Oz Lotto division one winning entries across Australia that have taken home a collective $76,143,666 in division one prize money.

Four of these division one prizes have reached its people in New South Wales, and the other three have been grabbed by Victorians and one each has gone to individuals in Queensland and Western Australia.

$1.5 million TattsLotto success with unique entry model

A unique way Waterways a woman has chosen her numbers resulted with a $1.5 million TattsLotto weekend’s winning prize. 

The thrilled winner held one of the three division nationally in TattsLotto draw 4065, drawn on Saturday 4 July 2020.+

She shared her joy with us this morning, revealing the “fun” way she chose the numbers on her marked entry. 

“Oh my god! I’m shaking! Thank you so much! This is insane! My goodness!” she blurted.

She told them they started doing it together with her husband a while ago as it was fun, so it just sticks. 

“He’s said he is just so excited he is going to throw up!” – the woman stated. 

When asked how she planned to use this life-changing opportunity, the winner immediately knew what was at the top of her wish and bucket list. 

“We are definitely buying a house” she shouted. 

“All we ever could do is rent. So now, when we are able to afford to buy a house straight away, it feels surreal, yet amazing.” – She explained in more detail.  

“We are also going to plan our dream vacation. My husband always had a special feeling for Mexico, and we wanted to make it there on our honeymoon, but it didn’t work out.”

“So when we are able to travel again, Mexico is certainly on our list!”

The woman admitted she was getting ready to go out the door to run errands when it was to her who’s the winner. 

“But I figured I would stay at home and check for our dream house in online shopping!”

$50 Million Oz Lotto prize: shocked face worthy picture

Tuesday’s Oz Lotto division one winner is officially found! A woman from North Sydney came forward late this morning to claim the glorious $50 million prize!

The winner holds only one winning entry nationally in Oz Lotto draw 1377. She took home the whole catch: $50 million. 

She shared her shock with us this morning; the woman shared the process of her checking the ticket online with us: 

“Holy sh*t!” she screamed. 

“Sh*t. Okay. Thank you so much! “Jesus Christ. Oh my god. I cannot believe it.” The reaction was just priceless and very real!

“I’ve never had experience with Oz Lotto. I would walk past the newsagency and always hesitate whether to enter or not. So I did!”

 The woman said this prize is quite overwhelming, and it’s hard to imagine life as a millionaire. She also explained she would need more time to get used to the new reality. Only then she will think about how to use the money. 

Victoria’s largest lottery prize: claimed and shared

Almost four days of official numbers drawing had taken place a “happy, excited and shocked” couple from Dromana claimed last week’s $80 million Powerball prize – the most massive lottery success in the history of Victoria. 

The Mornington Peninsula is taking the entire division one prize of $80 million home. The family officially gets the title as Australia’s third-biggest lottery success. 

The multi-million winning entry was not registered to a Tatts Card, which meant it couldn’t contact the winner and tell them the news. All we could do was just wait!

When speaking to us previously this morning, the couple told us they were processing what happened. The woman even stated she’s still in shock, actually. 

“Of course, this feeling will pass, and we will enjoy our prize. Freedom and peace opens many doors. There’s a lot to worry about at this moment. However, however, money is not one of those things anymore.”

The couple wishes to remain anonymous. They bought their winning entry at Dromana Authorised Newsagency, 177 Point Nepean Road, Dromana. The owner of Dromana Authorised Newsagency Paul Fancett said his outlet had indeed sold the state’s biggest lottery prize-winning entry. 

“Wow! That’s just great! What a great win!” he exclaimed.”

“We’ve sold a few tickets, but it’s been quite some time since we’ve had a win.”

“And we’ve never had a win which is this enormous! Our previous and most significant success was $1 million. So there’s a difference between this two, obviously” – he explained.

$2 million TattsLotto victory descends on time for stood-down airline operator

An airline worker from Melbourne told us that this unexpected division worth $2 million from the TattsLotto draw was a perfect timing for the whole family. 

The excited winner shared his blast with us this morning, as well as discussed how they are going to celebrate such success.

“Lovely! Fantastic! What else could you possibly ask for ?” He spoke enthusiastically. 

“We were thinking of a fancy restaurant but decided to stay at home! Here we have great food, a nice bottle of champagne: everything you need for a celebration.” 

When asked how the man is planning to enjoy this massive monetary gain, he shared he doesn’t want to splurge. “My son immediately asked for a sports car, but I wasn’t so enthusiastic about it just yet,” he laughed. 

Workmates to lottery mates thanks to $2 million TattsLotto prize

Traralgon workmates will have to say goodbye to each other’s company and office mornings. Recently, they won a TattsLotto prize of $2 million in the weekend’s draw. 

The duo won one of the 10 winning prizes nationally in TattsLotto, drawn on Saturday 25 July 2020. Each listing took home a division one prize which was $2 million. 

He shared his enormous excitement with us previously this morning, also confessing it will be hard to concentrate for the rest of the day.

“The ticket is actually a partnership with a woman I work with” he revealed. “ We are in charge of a social club, and, well, sometimes we buy tickets. We ordinarily get one card each week but always into several plays. 

“Of course, we’re both still shocked. It will definitely be a challenge to concentrate today!”

When asked how they are planning their new life as millionaires, they indeed revealed they would no longer be workmates.

“I’ll definitely use my part to sort out the mortgage things,” the winner declared. 

“I’ll keep working, but my workmate is going to retire with her share.” 

The happy pair wishes to remain anonymous. They purchased their winning ticket at Plaza Lotto, Kiosk 4, Stocklands Traralgon, 166-168 Franklin Street, Traralgon.

The owner of the place, Bobbie Hutchison, said she was extremely excited to have sold the second division in a period of nine months. 

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