Mystery unsolved: 5 common online gambling myths you still believe in 2020

By Mike Fatouros | Updated: February 24th, 2023

If 2020 is not a year to shift your mindset about online pokies gambling, then I don’t know when is the time. With such rapid tech growth, fair and ethical places to gamble, the industry is definitely on its way to the very top. Despite this, there are still many misconceptions and myths, probably still left from media, press, and society. 

Today we’re gonna crush that mindset and give you real facts. Get ready, and get steady, because this is something worth putting on sticky notes.

Well… Is it illegal?

First things first: many still believe that the best online casino gambling is illegal. And this one is kind of tricky. No law explicitly makes it unlawful to do any gambling online. Citizens can pick and choose from all the high-quality options out there and have a great experience without doing anything illegal. Well, of course, do not mix this with actually operating a gambling site yourself. There are specific regulations for that, and you even have to have a license. 

Gambling is definitely pure luck

Yes, we mean precisely that. Gambling is not just luck. And anyone who says the opposite may not know all the necessary information just yet. You may think slot machines, and some other casino games depend entirely on your luck that day, but actually, you have much more control over your outcome than you think. For example, when you play a game like Sic Bo, you should focus on the Big and Small bets. Such strategy will mean they come with the best odds for success as you play. And remember, the better you plan your game, the more prone you are to win money, demonstrating that luck is not the only and most important part here.

Gamblers always end up being addicts

Let’s choose any kind of free time activity. And then let’s take out the caution, moderation, and awareness. Of course, it becomes an addiction then. Same with gambling. Indeed, if you’re not careful and haven’t set any limits whatsoever, it could be a hazardous, life-consuming activity. So it is extremely essential to have boundaries, start small and be cautious in this industry. But it’s certainly a mainstream misconception how all people who start gambling become addicts. The truth is, we only see those addicts in the media. We do not see a team after work playing pokies for half an hour. Or a mathematics student who is testing all kinds of logic theories. So, it’s your choice how you’re going to interpret the statistics.

Online casinos are not secure at all

To be honest, gambling sites are probably amongst the most protected websites you’ll find on the web. To protect not only your data but your funds as well, they have to use advanced security technology and encryption, which makes the website extremely safe and reliable. We’re not saying you should immediately trust any gambling website out there. Not all online gambling sites are as secure as they should be. We better advise people to the most reputable ones. 

We advise you to check some of  the reputable and fair casino websites here:

For example, one of the hottest ones is PlayAmo Casino, which offers Appealing interface, cryptocurrency option, Multilingual support service, and over 1000 exciting games to check out. 

If you win, you’re not going to be paid out like in a regular casino

There’s always a baggage of trust issues that comes with online gambling. That’s natural. The process of paying out indeed differentiates a lot from the regular casino. But you will get paid (again, gambling at a reputable online casino will guarantee that). 

There will be times when of course you’ll have to wait longer for a withdrawal from a gambling site to be processed. When this process exceeds your expected time limit, it can become very frustrating. Although it could differ from a few hours to a few weeks, it’s vital to keep track of it and always contact the staff if you’re unsure of something. 

They’re often a lot shorter than that. Depending on the site you’re using, where you live, and the withdrawal method is chosen, you may even get your winnings paid out in as little as a few hours. And well, a reputable casino will payout every bit of money you won. 

Myths are myths… They will always live around us. If you want some real stories, you may Check out this amazing story of a deck of cards by illusionist Marco published on the

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