Movie & TV Characters You Can Find Playing Pokies Online

Don’t you feel like always making some kind of reference to a movie character you really liked or despised?

I’m sure we can all relate. Movie industry is basically built the way we can all relate to something, whether it’s a problem, a joke, or a ridiculously awkward situation we all face.

After all, it’s quite fun to have these implications, huh? 

It’s kind of funny how, especially in mobile pokie games, those references play a considerable part. People just feel familiar with what they see and, of course, are more likely to try one game over the other.

In this post we are going to introduce you to our most loved, movie and TV characters based pokie games. Are you ready to get some inspiration not only in films but in mobile games as well? We certainly are!

No country for old men

You definitely have heard about this one. A hunter’s life suddenly comes within contact with a psychopathic killer. Who, on top of that, is going after the money. Disturbingly exciting movie, certainly to provide that hit of adrenaline for the whole weekend.

If you feel like it wasn’t enough, go ahead and try the pokie themed to remind you of how it was to witness such a thriller.

Open Water, 47 Meters Down, Deep Blue Sea

All of these – the best of the best. A classical, edgy, shark story movie to witness the beautiful oceans and, yet, shocking stories just through your TV screen. 

Looking for the drill after seeing those threes? Well, check this out: A bone tickling mobile game to give you the rush you’re probably searching for. 


Oh, the famous gladiator theme and the instant body freeze when witnessing a war scene. ‘Was it all really like this? So wild?’ – the thought crosses our minds. Well, we never know. All we can do is… imagine. And hey, what could help us more if not the media, huh.

May you head over to check the pokie to help you understand and imagine the gladiator fight scene even more realistically and put the pieces together: 

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